What dreams that kill?

The ancients believed that the killing - it is an act of tearing the soul.But what dreams that kill?This dream is interpreted ambiguously.Much depends on the details and the atmosphere.It is very important that anyone who kills and kills.Every author's dream book has its own version of the interpretation of the dream.

modern dream interpretation

What dreams that kill?Such dreams are harbingers of gloom and sorrow because of the wickedness of others.Things sleeping upset, and perhaps he sees reality of violent death.When a person commits a murder himself, in reality he has to do things of questionable character who dishonor his name.If the sleep he fell from the hand of the murderer - in reality secret enemies will lie in wait and intrigue to destroy it.To kill the defenseless - a failure in business and sorrow.Collect life defending himself against attacks - a good omen.The same interpretation of a dream in which a man killed a rabid animal.

When sleep is the customer murder - in reality dishonest person uses it for its own purposes.If the initiator or executor of a friend of dreaming - you need to beware of dirty tricks from the person who enjoys the absolute confidence.For women, this dream foretells the appearance of a few rather unpleasant suitors.If sleep will watch the murder from the side - it has a long life.Slew rat - to solve all problems and successfully overcome the difficulties.

Dreams Canaanite

kill an insect or animal - to sorrow and anguish.Snake in the dream symbolizes the enemy.For a man - a foe of women.Slay the serpent - brilliantly to get out of an incredibly difficult situation.

Dreams AZ

What dreams that kill?If this act is committed in front of the sleeper, and he can not prevent it - in reality, people will be very worried about their own health.Many wonder: "And if you dream that they want to kill me?"In this case, you need to take great care when driving on the street.If a person chooses life, and then a fugitive from justice, the reality, because the disclosure of the secrets of his own, he will be in serious trouble.

kill animals during the hunt - good luck in all your endeavors, at the slaughterhouse - a dirty business.To see how the animals are sacrificed only because of violence - in reality face a very insidious and evil enemies who will try to annoy Dreaming.Kill the rat - to get rid of competition and defamation.Seeing the dead - to infectious diseases.The killing of a man by strangulation - severe mental trauma, machetes - note bills all the enemies, fire - to the empty vanity and gossip.

Dream Book of Veles (small)

What a dream to kill a rat?This dream foretells deliverance from danger and luck.If a man kills a snake, then in reality he will overcome his enemies.

Dreams happy omens

If you kill the dreamer - this is the end of all the difficulties and problems.Mortify the enemy, a snake or a rat - to healing and liberation.

Dreams Tsvetkova

kill the enemy - to success.If blood got on the sleeping clothes - a sudden and big money.Himself fall from someone's hand - a great joy.Slew rat - good luck.

American dream book

kill in his sleep - a good sign.The dream symbolizes a new stage of development.Therefore, do not blame yourself.This act says that dreaming is freed from its obsolete beliefs, stereotypes, ideologies and aspects of the self.Simply, they no longer need it for further growth and development.

What a dream to kill the baby?This dream suggests that a person kills his own frivolous childish behavior.Killing someone from their parents - to get rid of negative or outdated aspects of the relationship with them.However, this dream can talk about their own parents' qualities of sleep.Mouth assassinated - a dream-board, meaning that a person needs to take their lives into their own hands and become a master of it - feel strong.

Big sonnik

What dreams kill the dog?This dream says that man will soon expect entertainment events in the pleasant company.

Dream Interpretation Vanga

If sleep kills a snake - a sign that humanity will come again to God.Evil Spirit will be forced to withdraw, seeing that people have become wiser and more merciful.

Dream Miller

Being a witness to the murder - to the frustration, grief and sadness because of the malice and machinations of others.Himself to kill someone - become a member of the infamous and lower cases.Himself being a victim - the enemy will take every effort to destroy the life of the sleeper.Kill the enemies attacked, a criminal or an animal - good luck and a successful career.Slew rat - to victories in all matters and situations.The same interpretation of a dream in which sleep is to walk with the dog (especially thoroughbred) and see how he kills the snake.If a person pursues mad dog - warning that he will need all the strength of character and the will to survive in a hard struggle.Kill or get rid of it - a good omen.

Dreams birthday

Watching someone kills a child - to the approaching old age.

latest sonnik

What dreams that kill?This dream suggests that sleep is involved in serious and violent conflict.To kill or drive out the rat - a happy recovery from illness.This animal symbolizes illness.

Russian dream book

Killing dreams to safety.Get yourself a victim - to great success in their careers.Slew rat - to overcome the difficulties.

Dream Interpretation Nostradamus

dream in which a child kills a snake or simply compresses, portends that humanity will find a way to avoid global catastrophe.

East sonnik

dreams about killing promise troubles and sorrows that will be the result of actions of the enemies.When the dreamer himself kills in reality it needs to be more careful and not get involved in intrigue.If he is a victim, you need to beware of traps, placed enemies.Kill the rat - solve all the problems.

of interpreters

kill a stranger in a dream - to safety.Slew his own mother or father - to the misfortune and the collapse of all enterprises.What a dream to kill the snake?This dream means that the dreamer will win in the confrontation with jealous and cunning enemies.

Dreams bitch

Murder portends sadness.If sleeping commits the act itself, the reality it needs to be careful.Kill the rat - to win.

Dreams Hasse

killer in a dream symbolizes getting rid of real danger.The snake - a sleeping there are enemies among women.Kill her in a dream - to successfully overcome the difficulties and honorably get out of a difficult situation.

Dreams Grishina

What dreams kill the dog?This dream is a warning of the danger.Mad dog dreams to failure and a real threat.Kill him - to win.Slay the serpent - for wealth, get rid of enemies and triumph over them, to some sacrifice on the part of sleep.Kill the rat - a good sign.This dream portends victory over his enemies or meeting with a man who is guilty of something before sleeping.

Dreams Traveler

What a dream to kill a man?This dream - a good omen.Sleeping successfully ended their case, reconciled with itself and will gain peace of mind.Slew aggressive animal - to recovery, success, getting rid of negativity and self-control.Kill the snake - a very good sign.To become a victim - to fame, recognition, joy or the successful completion of their cases.To see the murder from the - to the suppression of positive emotional outbursts.To commit suicide - to healing and great happiness.

Family sonnik

What dreams that kill?All dreams of this kind are a warning about the dangers of the intrigues and machinations of enemies.This unnatural act portends trouble.If a person in a dream it seems that it will soon overtake smashing blow killer, but it can still be avoided, then the reality of the dreamer expects a strong emotional experience.To bring it with honor, it needs all the power of the spirit.A dream in which a man was killed by someone's hand, says that the enemies try to complicate and ruin his life.Kill the snake - to win over the terrible and powerful enemy, to glory and fulfillment of desires.Dead reptile - a sign that the dreamer blindly believe some people who take advantage of this low-lying or selfish purposes.Sometimes this dream shows that the dreamer has passed some danger.If you killed the snake suddenly bit asleep, then in reality the enemies triumph, and he was very angry human hypocrisy.