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Lightning "joke", punish and kill ...!

According to science, the lightning - it's just kind of electrical discharge, which typically occurs during thunderstorms.Scientists believe that the cause of the formation of lightning is the appearance of large areas of positive and negative charges, which are generated due to the collision of particles in clouds.The upper part of the cloud becomes electrified positively and the lower - negative.

When the charge of the cloud reaches a considerable value, between the two parts of its electrified and lightning flashing.A powerful electrical discharge may occur between the two neighboring clouds and between the clouds and the Earth's surface.In the latter case, an electric field of negative charge cloud bottom surface of the earth below the cloud positively electrified.As a result of lightning strikes the ground.

between oppositely charged region forms a channel through which the discharge occurs.When this occurs in the channel temperature of 20 to 30 thousand degrees!From such a huge temperature is instantaneous expansion of a hot environment, a shock wave and thunder.

It seems to be easy, but lightning is often asked these mysteries before which baffled and prominent scientists.For example, they sometimes manage to leave the human body a kind of photographic prints, which scientists call "Lichtenberg figures".Often they look like feathers, trees and leaves.

Baffling is the ability of lightning struck the man in the underwear, leaving the cloak whole.Sometimes lightning can vaporize the metal ring on the hand or a cross around his neck, leaving a man alive.Sometimes, lightning shaves all the hair on a person or gives him superhuman, and an American after a lightning strike completely ceased to feel the cold now, even at temperatures below freezing, he walks in summer clothes.And noted some incredible cases where blind people Lightning regained lost vision.

every second into the surface of our planet hits from 50 to 100 lightning.This so-called Line of lightning, and there are much more rare and mysterious - ball.Regarding the latter, it is a topic for another discussion, but we still dwell on the rather strange cases of ordinary linear lightning.

Sometimes, lightning and joking ...

French astronomer Camille Flammarion (1842-1925) was famous in his time as a writer of fine popular science books that had been collected a large number of very curious facts.He did not avoid the attention and the incredible variety of cases involving lightning.In his "collection" is easy to find a description of the incidents when the lightning is quite evil "joking" with his victims.

example, "June 29, 1869 in Pradette (Ariezh) in Gdańsk mayor was unhappy idea to hide during a thunderstorm at a very high poplar.A few minutes later the lightning strikes the tree, but, by a strange quirk of not killing the mayor, but only stripped naked and spreads around all the tattered costume accessories, except for one shoe, which was left in its place. "

«Joke" strip lightning and repeated in another case, this time she did not like a woman who has changed his usual outfit for men's clothing, which in the nineteenth century, of course, is not very welcome.Dress and shoes of the woman - all "were torn to ribbons and scattered a few feet away from her, so that the victim had to be wrapped in a sheet, to bring them to a neighboring village."

in the magazine "Around the World" for 1886 was published a small article about the tricks of lightning that struck the kitchen of a house on the outskirts of the town of Puy (France).According to eyewitnesses, a few minutes standing on the kitchen table a stack of 35 plates was surrounded by flames and rattled deafeningly.The servants were sure that none of the dishes shall not escape.However, they were wrong: were damaged only all odd plates, they were punched in the same place.The hole in which was clearly marked with the edges, as if each of the dishes was stitched pistol bullet.

And next year, there was another curious case.Amos Briggs farmer from Michigan out of the house to break up with her cats woodpile that terrible screaming, manage their "wedding."At this point in the farmyard suddenly struck by lightning.Briggs took out his cries cats were killed on the spot, however, and went to the farmer.It broke his clothes to shreds, exploded favorite watch.When Amos half-naked in a state of shock went home, turning the mad eyes, his wife just froze in horror.How then she told me, especially the arc hit the arching silhouette of a frightened cat, which is printed on the bald crown of her husband ... Fortunately, this "product" lightning disappeared after a couple of days.

Punished fiery finger Perun

In ancient times, often believed that death from lightning is Gods punishment for some transgressions.For example, the Romans did not bury the dead from heaven "boom", believing that he somehow angered the god Jupiter."Fire finger Perun" called the zipper in Kievan Rus, it was thought that it burns to the ground all kinds of filth.Of course, it is foolish to assume that the victims of lightning are some sinners, on the contrary, it is often quite decent people.However, it happens that the zipper tags and the one who really deserves it.

obsessive guest

Sometimes lightning completely ignore the theory of probability and choosing their victims, or individual members of one family, chasing them for years.Here is one typical example of such an election, "Love", which became a victim of the former park ranger Roy Sullivan American.Accident American zippers found in various locations over the years, as many as seven times!First time zip it landed in 1942, ended up burned big toe.In July 1969, Sullivan lightning eyebrows burnt out, and in July 1970 burned shoulder.Two years later, the celestial "guest" singed his hair, and in August 1973, burned feet, in June 1976 American lightning damaged ankle.Finally, in June 1977 lightning burned Roy chest and abdomen.Periodic lightning, gossip surrounding these mysterious cases of local residents badly affected the mental state of Sullivan - In September 1983, he committed suicide.

A case where the lightning had chosen his victim whole family.In 1899, lightning killed Italian Primarda in his own backyard.Amazingly, after 30 years at the same place lightning killed his son.Two of these deaths could still be called a coincidence, but the October 8, 1949 Rolland Primarda, the grandson of the first victim and the son of the second, was killed by lightning back to the same place ...

History of American Major Sammepfopda become a kind of "classic", illustrating the bizarre selectivityLightning.In 1918, the lightning got into the brave Major and knocked him off his horse.Becoming disabled Sammepfopd left the army and settled in Vankuvepe.The second time the lightning "visited" him while fishing in 1924, landed in standing next to him a tree, and three companions former Major survived, but it has paralyzed the right side of the torso.In 1930, during a sudden storm began in the former Major again hit by lightning, the unfortunate sufferer, this time completely paralyzed, tormented two years, he died.The final point in this story heavenly messenger delivered in 1934, this time the lightning got into a monument Sammepfopdu ...

Perhaps even more mysterious history of the Bulgarian women think Martha Maiko, which made the interference of lightning eternal widow.Her first husband, Randolph Eastman was an American tourist.It so happened that they met during a thunderstorm, a tourist asked to wait out bad weather at her house.Love was at first sight, and a week later they were married.They would live happily ever after, but two months later Eastman killed by lightning.March grieve grieve, and got married again, this time for the Frenchman Charles Mort.Happy couple went on a trip to Spain, during which time Charles, you guessed it, please lightning once it outright.Again becoming a widow, Martha returned to Sofia.From experience she developed severe depression, even had to consult a doctor.By nationality he was German and was not only a great professional but also a very good man.They fell in love and married in Berlin.During their trip to France in the doctor's car was struck by lightning, and ... in March for the third time became a widow.Then she put on her personal life has become a bold cross and avoided men.

losses - after the war

Sometimes there is a false impression that by lightning strikes killed only a few people, and the annual number of victims is relatively small.However, it is not.August 3, 1852 about the Maltese ship "Moses" was a strong thunderstorm, lightning got into a big mast went over it and literally slashed in half the ship.The ship sank instantly, all passengers and crew were drowned, survived only one captain who, grabbing the chip, spent 17 hours in the water.He said that after a lightning strike sank just three minutes.

The story was much more terrible tragedy caused by a lightning strike.August 18, 1769 Lightning landed in Saint-Nazarska tower, which was stored in the cellars of a huge stock of gunpowder Venetian Republic.Tower, literally like a rocket, entirely sprung into the air, and then a stone rain fell on the city, destroying part of the building and killing three thousand people.

often victims of lightning are just a few people.Widely known for the tragic incident in Japan when the teacher during a campaign ordered all students in their class to take the rope.When it was hit by lightning, lost exactly half of all adolescents, the victims were all even children in the ranks, and the odd survived.This selective lightning killer is still a mystery to scientists.

course, such large-scale disasters and tragedies caused by lightning strikes, occur relatively rarely, but heaven "boom", killing, and one person manage every year throughout the world together to kill so many people, that their number is comparable to the number of victims ofLocal military conflict.For example, in China from lightning strikes every year thousands of people die.Every year lightning kills more people than they killed of tornadoes and hurricanes.

Recently, scientists have to reconsider the common opinion that the chance to be killed by a lightning strike the same minimum as being eaten by a shark or get in a plane crash.Each year, the world's only calculated the losses from lightning are a few thousand people are killed and a very large number of livestock.Added to this is the huge losses from fires caused by lightning strikes.

Curiously, the likelihood of becoming a victim of lightning depends on the country in which you live.For example, estimates of scientists likely to be killed by lightning in the United States and Canada are three times higher than in the UK.

Why she chooses men?

Statistics confirm that men are killed by lightning in 4 times more than women.Interestingly, in the nineteenth century, Camille Flammarion are a few other statistics, then killed by lightning in the 2322 men accounted for only 947 women, that is almost three times less.

It turns out that in the past from the time period of more lightning "exasperated" at the men.Once a weakness of fire "arrows" to the men tried to explain some gender differences in the electrical, chemical composition et al., However, did not find any significant differences in the time of Flammarion, scientists have concluded that men just "more often for field work".

Almost from the same position can be explained by the difference in statistics between the nineteenth and twenty-first centuries.The fact that 150 years ago, women were much more likely to have to be outdoors: they are actively involved in field work, tending their domestic animals, collecting firewood.Now, women in many countries during the storm are not in the field, and in a secure environment.But men are much more likely than women, are vulnerable to lightning strikes, not only by their occupations, but also because of the many hobbies - fishing, hunting, tourism and others. That is why they are now dying from lightning strikes in the 4times more than women.

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