Corporate social responsibility in an age of total globalization

term "corporate social responsibility" appeared in our vocabulary at the same time with the word "globalization".And it is no coincidence.If you think about the meaning of words in the first term is an objective consequence of the second.Corporation - association of individuals, functioning independently.This word refers to a large enterprise with a lot of branches in one country or across the world.Candle factory Father Fyodor corporation will not be called.

Globalization - a process run by the corporation.If you forget it, what corporate social responsibility to society for the consumption of resources, the planet will soon become uninhabitable.This concept involves the voluntary assumption of additional commitments in excess of the required by law.Before the state, society, private workforce.

enterprise must not exceed the maximum permissible emission standards, but in addition to it expends funds for the restoration of nature.Must pay wages to employees, but it allocates additional funds for rehabilitation workers.The essence of the concept echoes the biblical commandment: if a higher power for the elected person of wealth and power, it is done to it is changing the world for the better, help the weak.The one who will not reach some of its forces to give the benefit of society.

Even if voluntary involuntary, due to the requirement of time, it can not but rejoice.Section "corporate social responsibility" on a par with the item "company mission" is present in the brochures of any large enterprise.Without such basic tenets of modern business would be a wild and untamed.

It would be wrong to assert that corporate social responsibility - the prerogative of only large organizations.Any enterprise makes a profit, responsibility to society for their performance.Just the level of responsibility at all different.It is not fair to demand from newly established small businesses some global projects.But pay wages, taxes, comply with safety it is required.

company has grown, gained momentum, expanded - corporate social responsibility has moved to the second level.Now turn to take care of those who have contributed to the expansion of business - on employees.It is necessary to create a good environment not only for work but also for recreation, restoring full workforce for training, to ensure normal living conditions (if the company is interested in preserving the skilled qualified personnel).

If the company has topped the local significance, corporate social responsibility comes the third level.At this stage of the company's charitable activities is expected in any direction, useful for society.At a time when humanity has come to the threshold of survival of the species, the principles of CSR - is not only a concern for the community, but ultimately about themselves and their loved ones.