Summer dress with short sleeves - how to choose

sweltering summer is in full swing, which means that women there was a need to supplement your wardrobe with light dresses made of natural fabrics.But what a style to choose?In this article you will learn how to choose the perfect dress with short sleeves.And also learn to sew the garment with your hands!

summer dress with short sleeves - universal dress for hot days

summer dress for women should be not only beautiful but also practical.After all, in hot weather, it is very important to feel comfortable and relaxed.That is why the world's designers offer to choose light dresses with short sleeves.

Photos most popular models this season are presented in this article.However, to select the perfect style is very important to consider the characteristics of the female figure.

How to choose a dress with short sleeves on the type of figure

If you are a happy owner of model looks, you can not limit yourself to choosing a dress.It will suit absolutely any style.But women whose options are far from ideal, it is necessary to approach the purchase dress more responsibly.

So, if you are experiencing complex on the completeness or leg shape, you should not choose a too short skirt.It is better to give preference to the length below the knee.This will visually pull the silhouette and divert attention from the shortcomings.

broad shoulders and his hands full of well-hide dress with short sleeves.The length from the shoulder to the end of the sleeve should be not less than ten centimeters.These proportions will make the figure more harmonious.

girls with wide hips should choose a short dress with a high waist.Such a decision would make the figure more slender and emphasize the feminine curves.

short dress with long sleeves - who fit

Style short dress has long sleeves, suitable for almost everyone.After all, it not only allows to hide skin imperfections, but also make an elegant way.

choosing a short dress with long sleeves, should be guided by the same rules.However, be careful to the width and length of the sleeve.Thus, three-quarter length sleeve allows tall girl look more harmonious.While cut long sleeve ladies perfect low.

If you are not afraid to look extravagant, then you can choose dresses with puffed sleeves.A more rigorous way will create a narrow-fitting sleeves.

natural fabrics or synthetics

When it comes to summer dresses, you should pay attention exclusively on natural fabrics.It can be cotton, linen or staple.Dress with short sleeves of these tissues will be a real saving in particularly hot days.In addition, natural fabric does not hinder traffic and very easy to clean.

World Dress designers offer a dense chiffon, jersey and viscose.This option is best used for evening walks.After the synthetic fiber can cause discomfort during exposure to the sun.

most fashionable styles of short dresses

In 2015, the most popular are dress simple cut.At the same time welcomed the romantic image that is not burdened with a lot of accessories and cosmetics.

lace short dresses with long sleeves are an absolute trend this season.Lightweight fabric makes you feel comfortable all day.This long sleeve will not only make a proportional figure, but also protects the skin from exposure to sunlight.

floral dresses with short sleeves, a photo of which are presented in this article, as not to slow down its popularity.Their distinguishing feature is the fitted top and flared short skirt.This style is perfectly combined with sandals and wedges will help to visually draw the shape.

If you are not proud of perfect legs, but want to look fashionable, feel free to try on long dresses with short sleeves.This versatile style makes feminine and attractive any shape regardless of age and status.

How to sew a short dress with their own hands

Today is very popular to create clothes with their own hands.It's unique design allows you to sew things that no one in the world's couture collection.Pattern dress with short sleeves is very easy, therefore, to establish the power of this outfit, even a novice in this business.

you need two cut staple equal length dresses of the future.If you plan to make a model with a sleeve, then take the material with a stock.To construct patterns need to measure the following parameters:

  • Bust.
  • Circumference below the breast.
  • Waist.
  • arm circumference.
  • long dress from shoulder to hem.

Build pattern short dress can according to the scheme, which is presented below.

Remember that a material such as a staple, has the ability to "sit down" after washing.Therefore, before transferring the pattern on the fabric, be sure to wash it.Treat seams on staples you should use the overlock.This will make the product neat.If you choose a floral pattern, then pay close attention to the color of thread.They should not stand out against the background of dress.

recommended that you tack all of the patterns by hand or stab them anliyskimi pins.Sew sleeve should be at the very end, when you make sure the dress fits well on you and never overtighten.