Like real pinecones on vodka.

Modern medicine offers drugs virtually all diseases.However, more and more people tend to use pills and potions are not made in the laboratories, and non-traditional means of traditional medicine.As you know, there's nothing better than that created by nature itself.It's no wonder the animals at the level of instinct to help themselves from the disease by eating certain foods of plant origin.

example, American scientists had noticed one peculiarity.In winter, many animals are dug out of the snow pine cones and eat them.The logical conclusion from this observation led to the fact that the composition of herbal products carefully studied.

results were not long in coming.It turned out that pine cones accumulate in itself for the summer and winter of the large number of volatile production, essential oils, bioflavonoids, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and antiviral substances.Also in their composition includes a minor proportion of resin acids, ascorbic acid, tannins and anthocyanins.What makes the bumps very attractive for human use in the fight against various diseases.

used in folk medicine, not only mature but green fruit.The best option is the use of the funds needed for the production of which pine cones to fill with vodka.


There are many diseases, which are used for the treatment of pine cones on vodka.Their use is based on the ability of their constituent nutrients dissolved in alcohol and acquire even better functional properties in the form of a tincture.

effect of such infusion follows:

  • recovery of brain cells and the nervous system after a stroke;
  • treatment and prevention of lung disease;
  • elimination of violations of the cardiovascular system;
  • treatment of the oral cavity;
  • arthritis;
  • rheumatism and muscle spasms;
  • treatment of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • diaphoretic;
  • treatment of anemia;
  • gout.

addition to a wide range of therapeutic action, like any medicine, have disadvantages pine cones on vodka.Contraindications to their use based on the individual characteristics of each organism and are reduced to such items:

  1. intolerance, or the inability to taking alcohol.
  2. boundaries of age: 7 and after 60 years.
  3. kidney and liver (in violation of dosing).
  4. Pregnancy.
  5. lactation.

consider in more detail the spectrum of action and major ailments, which uses green and mature pine cones on vodka, contraindications to their use.

Green cones: the use of human

young, immature pine cones have a beautiful green and look very dense and strong.

They contain a large number of volatile production, which for centuries considered to be the most effective antibacterial substances.In addition, many cones tannins - substances that stimulate the production of feel-good hormones and the emergence of a sense of freshness, clarity of thought.Therefore, the bath with the infusion of fruit tone and relieve fatigue.

In addition, tannins are able to stimulate the restoration of cell structure that is used as the basis for the treatment of stroke.Vitamins and essential oils of green cones contribute to the strengthening of the immune system, increasing vitality and providing a burst of energy.

Collect them recommended in June-August.It was at this time, they contain many nutrients for maturing domestic seed.The maximum benefit out of them is obtained by applying a tincture as a green pine cones on vodka.

Which diseases using an alcohol tincture of green cones

Infusion of pine cones on vodka (green) is used to treat diseases of the liver and kidneys.Also, long-term use in small doses, can get rid of fatigue, chronic drowsiness, headaches and bad moods.

very good green pine cones, infused vodka, atherosclerosis, to cleanse the blood vessels.

Recipe solution

To prepare the infusion of healing we need:

  • enameled saucepan;
  • collection of green cones;
  • moderately warm room;
  • vodka.

Fill the dishes prepared by a third-washed in warm water and cut into pieces green cones.Then pour vodka, so that the ingredients were immersed in liquid.Cover with a lid and put in a room with a temperature not lower than 20 0C.We insist about 40 days, and the completion is determined by color.Painting should be dark brown.

This is the first recipe, which uses green pine cones.Tincture on vodka enables all useful components go into the solution and become more digestible.

Another recipe for which you will need:

  • glass;
  • green buds;
  • vodka;
  • the lid tightly on the glass;
  • a warm place;
  • fine sieve.

In a glass pour the crushed cones and fill to the brim with vodka (vodka cones and tie).Sealed and cleaned in a warm place for infusion.We leave for 10 days.Then infusion is filtered through a sieve and the resulting solution by taking 20 drops before meals.It is advisable to plant with lukewarm water.

green pine cones on vodka: contraindications

main contraindications to the use of alcohol tincture of green cones are the same as for the funds from the mature pine cones on vodka.That pregnancy and lactation, old age, intolerance of components (atopic dermatitis, allergic), kidney or liver failure.

only what can highlight - a violation of the dosing receiving infusions.It absolutely can not do.The consequences can be severe disorders of the stomach, damage to the walls of the digestive tract.It is even possible poisoning.Malaise, nausea, dizziness.Since alcohol tincture, then use it in high doses and often for a long time can cause the formation of alcohol dependence.

Mature pine cones: characterization of components and application

Mature pine cones is very easy to distinguish from young in appearance.They are brown, loose, almost completely uncovered.Many can be seen ripe seeds.

In addition to the components that have already been transferred to the young fruit, mature pine cones also contain high amounts of tannins.This feature defines the direction of their application in alternative medicine.

Main - it is certainly a stroke treatment and posleinsultnogo states.Infusion therapy thus contributes to the renewal of brain cells, their rapid recovery and normal functioning.Infusion of pine cones on vodka restores the cellular structure of the higher parts of the nervous system, and also blocks an enzyme that causes their death in stroke.

If young bumps may be used for a wide range of diseases, the use of mature today is limited to the treatment of a stroke condition.Thanks to the American scientist who proved that pine cones (tincture with vodka) - a way to get to his feet after a severe illness.

consider how best to collect the material, prepare it, and on what the recipe to make a healing infusion.

collection of mature cones

These cones are best collected from December to March.During the summer and autumn period they have time to save up a lot of useful components.Like canned food, which consists of extremely useful and biologically important substances for the organism.

Volatile and tannins, anthocyanins and bioflavonoids, essential oils and tannins, resins and carotene, vitamins C and A, antioxidants - all stored in a safe shelter with snow mature pine cones.That is why they are so fond of chewing animals in zoos.

Special processing of the collected material is cleansed of extraneous components and dust.For this crop shishechny simply rinse with warm water.The subsequent drying of complete pre-treatment step, and the product will be completely ready for infusion.

Recipe: pine cones on vodka (mature)

To prepare you will need:

  • small piece of plate with a tight-fitting lid;
  • vodka or alcohol (70%);
  • 5-6 ripe cones, washed and prepared;
  • cool place to draw.

Take cones are crushed and put in a bowl.Fill 200-250 ml of vodka or alcohol, cover with a lid and put them in a cool place for infusion.After two weeks the medicine is ready.Should consume teaspoon after meals once daily.The course of treatment - 3 months or longer.With proper reception he is not particularly limited.

negative effects, contraindications

categories of persons who are prohibited from using this infusion, the same as for the infusion of the green cones.

With proper use, without disturbing the dosing and no abuse of the components, as well as with the right infusion in which the base - is a mature pine cones on vodka, contraindications to its use have been identified.

In case of violation of any of the paragraphs of the consequences may be of varying complexity gastrointestinal diseases, poisoning, alcohol abuse.