Denim dress - what to wear, where to put?

Almost every girl, whether she fashionistas or not, there is denim dress.It is a versatile dress that is suitable for all occasions.This dress can be dressed in any weather any season.But not all items of clothing can be combined denim dress.From what to wear, what accessories to choose that from the shoe fits best - all of these questions have simple answers.


denim dress - it's like a white canvas painter.You yourself have to colorize your image by choosing accessories.According to stylists and just the girls, the best complement to the denim dress is a belt.It can be any width and texture, as long loved mistress.Shoes can also be at the discretion of the bearer: studs, wedge, platform, flat sole.This dress is really universal.From what to wear denim dress-shirt, usually does not cause problems.After all, it is suitable for all.Bags are small, three-dimensional, over his shoulder on a chain on a wide belt over his shoulder, evening clutch bag under his arm.

add denim dress can be a massive necklace, several layers of beads, while the form will be more elegant.Bright shoes too perfectly accentuate stylish attire.


models and styles of denim dresses - are countless.What did not come up with designers.But there is still the most popular models that live in clothes more often.From what to wear denim dress-shirt?With all that love that it expresses your unique image.But other models are already demanding more attention.One of the favorite models - dress robe.It goes all - nice and plump, skinny and frail.Chubby girl feel comfortable in it - no movement stiffness, stomach can not draw.It is better to give preference to the shoe platform or thick heel.Color can be anything.Beige, bodily and light pink shoes visually lengthen the leg, which like short-legged beauties.Then the belt should be a neutral light color, otherwise it will cut in half silhouette.


model called "coat" - a very popular denim dress.From what to wear - you might guess.This model - similar dress-shirt, she just slightly flared bottom, but the shirt, on the contrary, narrowed.To dress, gown fit everything.This model is very much like the office workers and managers.It looks so modest clothing, stylish.For daily trips to work - at the time.It looks good with the pumps, ballet flats, Lofer.Better to pick up the bag volume, bright, focusing on accessories.


Denim sundress like young girls, leading an active lifestyle.From what to wear denim dress, they do not even think.Dress this model even sneakers.Underneath fit any T-shirt, jacket, T-shirt, a batch file.Very popular denim sundress enjoys in pregnant women.It is universal, you can pull over a cardigan, a warm jacket, coat.Shoes also fit any: boots, ballet flats, sandals, shoes.

If sundress to combine with shirt and shoes on a wide-heeled shoes, get a great outfit to work.It is better if sundress will not patch pockets, then get the classic image.

is appropriate anywhere

Dresses denim everyone loves.Dense material hides figure flaws, as if to choose the right model, the view is perfect.Chubby girls thin and have in their arsenal denim dress.From what to wear such a thing, they know everything, because every girl in my childhood had several of these dresses and sundresses.

to hike to the party grab heels dress and add a bright necklace.If the work is no dress code, then you already know what to wear denim dress to the office.For a walk in the park or in the countryside need comfortable shoes, jeans, dress shirt and a bag over his shoulder.Dress on the floor, trimmed with lace and frills - ideal for a romantic date.This is a very gentle, unusual denim dress.From what to wear a pretty dress?You can choose ballet flats and small ornaments.Wicker basket, flowers in her hair - let's go on a picnic date.


Fancy dress with corset choose only the brave girl.It's just a stunning outfit.It attracts all eyes, especially for men.These fans dress denim dress, even to her own wedding.

dress in the style of safari is ideal for summer holidays.Light sandals and ponytail - a great addition to the board.The journey - very convenient: nothing constrains movement and legs get a golden tan.

For any denim dress suit leather jacket.Jacket or black leather jackets - you decide.

Now you know what to wear denim dress.Photos help to choose the right model.The dress should highlight all the advantages, but disadvantages remain in the shadows.Experiment, create new images, amaze family and friends!Sometimes clothes can tell a lot about a person.You just have to make sure that this story was interesting and enjoyable!