Deodorant "Garnier NEO ': reviews of doctors, composition, photo

Beautiful ladies daily use means to prevent odor.Sweating - a natural property of the human body.It is useful because it removes harmful substances.But this is no excuse for bad breath.Most often it occurs in the armpits.Therefore, all women enjoy these or other means of preventing sweating.

What you need to know about deodorants

today in any shop we will find a large selection of different tubes, bottles and stickers.How do they find their way?First of all, be aware that anti-sweat can be of two kinds.Deodorants are based on a perfume composition, masking unpleasant odor.That is, they do not eliminate sweat, only the stench.Specifically, interrupts him.Deodorants should smell very nice, like perfume or eau de toilette.However, if the perfumes are constantly mixed with sweat, they often lose their flavor.Therefore, deodorants not too stable.They are suitable for people with mild sweating.Most deodorants can not withstand the load.Moreover, the presence in them alcohol may irritate the skin.

How to block sweat

Another variety of means to prevent odor - antiperspirants.They block sweating.Naturally, antiperspirants much more reliable than deodorants.Drugs affecting the work of the sweat glands, prevent the odor for a day or even longer.Most antiperspirants have a very faint odor.After all, their task is not to disguise unpleasant odors.There are intermediate varieties skin care underarm area.It deodorants, antiperspirants.

aerosols, gels and moisturizers

means to prevent unpleasant smell different form of release.The most popular are aerosols.They are not too comfortable, because it very quickly spent.Furthermore, aerosols are sprayed into the air for a long time remain in the apartment.In allergy sufferers and people suffering from diseases of the respiratory tract, it can cause aggravation.

most popular form of release antiperspirants - tics.This small plastic forms, which contain compressed into a solid substance.It is conveniently applied to the skin.Consumable tool is slow.

Ballpoint release form is also quite convenient.However, deodorants and antiperspirants are more liquid.They dry the skin immediately, and within a few minutes.Not all women like to go with wet armpits.Therefore ball means less popular than sticks.

existing forms of release in the form of a gel.They resemble sticks.But instead of the compressed solid plastic containers contain a thick clear gel.It is extruded through the holes in the lid.This release form is convenient.However, once the gel dries on the skin.

means odorless

Among antiperspirants average price category one of the leading products of the French company takes "Garnier".This leading company produces a diverse range of cosmetics.Antiperspirant "Garnier" is very popular with consumers.Recently, the firm has launched a new line of anti-sweat.This deodorant "Garnier NEO".Reviews indicate high quality and popularity of antiperspirants.

These tools differ in that they have little or no odor.Such antiperspirants like many women.They do not mask the scent of perfumes and toilet waters.Therefore, ideal for the evening along.In addition, the usual smell of deodorant soaked clothes underarms.This happens quite often.This smell is very resistant.Get rid of it just laundry.

without white spots

deodorant "Garnier NEO", reviews of which note the high quality of the product leaves no residue on clothes.This important property.Many solid agents are white.Therefore, leave traces in the armpits.Ball and transparent gel agents, too, "sin" it.They turn white dries.Particularly affected by traces on clothes lovers black.As you know, it makes women's stylish and slim.

Are cosmetics manufacturers interfere with their clients the be beautiful?Never!Companies have long waged a relentless struggle with white spots on deodorants.And she was crowned with victory.An example of this is the deodorant "Garnier NEO".Responses indicate that it is invisible to not only clothing but also on the skin.

tenderness and comfort

Tool is available as a cream.He has a soft and delicate texture.Packaging is a tube, which is necessary to gently squeeze your fingers.The cream flows out through a few narrow openings.It is better to apply with an applicator.However, you can squeeze a little cream on the fingers and evenly lubricate the armpits.Some women are so comfortable.The tool is distributed evenly on the skin and dries instantly.Such deodorant "Garnier NEO".Responses indicate that it is invisible to not only clothing and skin of armpits, but also on the fingers.

After applying the antiperspirant is an impression of absolute dryness.Probably all women remember the feeling of oiliness on the skin.Liquid funds call him very often.Antiperspirant French company - a pleasant exception to the rule.Therefore, it is called "dry cream."Means quietly and imperceptibly on the skin.


deodorant "Garnier NEO" perfectly protects against odor.The manufacturer promises the absence of sweating for two days.In its review, the woman wrote that 48 hours deodorant not tested.But the day it acts perfectly.Perfect protection combined with comfort and efficiency - these are advantages of this tool.

but also have reviews of women who do not like the product.All of them noted similar shortcomings.Deodorant "Garnier NEO" may be ineffective.This is an indication that the product is not suitable woman.Antiperspirant produced in the form of a cream.Therefore, it can not only to dry out the skin, but also in a tube.Cured cream does not penetrate through the narrow slit applicator.Using them is impossible.However, the negative reviews are rare.Therefore it can be concluded that dry up in a tube cream - fake product known firm.

Pros and cons

There are claims and packaging.Consumers say efficiency of the product.Cream must be quite a bit.But the package does not allow the tool to squeeze out completely.You have to throw the tube with the remaining cream and buy a new one.This talk reviews.Deodorant "Garnier NEO" odorless - a product that appeals to many women.It is particularly suitable for those who do not like perfume.Rules of etiquette say that the scent of perfume behind the ear may feel only beloved man.Friends and colleagues are always at a distance, nothing like that feeling should not.

In today's world, the space between people is inexorably shrinking.Strangers to each other women and men in elevators and crowded public transport.Therefore, funds odorless particularly relevant.This is known to experts, has developed a line "Garnier NEO".Antiperspirant Deodorant (dry cream), reviews of which note the convenience of the application means, in high and stable demand.Most consumers say they have bought a tube because he was the last on the shelf.This demonstrates the quality and popularity of the product.

Before you start the application required to test the deodorant.Apply a little money on the skin of the hand.Leave on for fifteen minutes.Then rinse.If a rash, redness, itching or burning, this product does not suit you.

Fruit splash tenderness cotton

Often ladies who want to try new cosmetic product, first look for what has deodorant "Garnier NEO 'reviews."Fruit splash" - one of the product line, which has the smell.This antiperspirant choose ladies who prefer sweet flavor.Members noted a faint pleasant smell.Weathered it pretty quickly on the skin and clothing is not felt.Buy Deodorant should be only in specialized stores.As all the leading companies, it can be forged.So what good is only true deodorant "Garnier NEO 'reviews.

"Cotton" - the so-called one more representative of the new line of the company.This tool is an easy, pleasant, fresh smell.According to reviews, the flavor is felt only immediately after application.Very quickly erode.Odour-neutral and does not mask the scent of eau de toilette.As they say consumers need to apply a cream quite a bit.Then he quickly dry out and give a sense of comfort.If you squeeze a tube of cream a lot, it will be a long soak, and may wet clothes.

What do doctors?

So "works" deodorant "Garnier NEO".Doctors about the product is quite difficult to find.Doctors may share such information in the relevant fora to which access is closed to those who do not have the corresponding diploma.It is believed that all cosmetic products are certified, and the market can not be allowed harmful products.But the negative effects can be different.Of course, a deodorant does not contain harmful substances.But the principle of antiperspirants can not but cause concern.

Sweat removes toxins.It is necessary to cleanse the internal organs and tissues.Antiperspirants clog the sweat glands, preventing the liquid come out.All the harmful substances remain in the body.Therefore, it is necessary to wash antiperspirant at night and did not use them unnecessarily.If you do not suffer from excessive sweating and having physical activity, use the natural crystalline means.They are not very well protected from the unpleasant smell, but completely harmless.Antiperspirants help you in difficult situations, providing comfort for a long time.But no need to abuse them.

How to use antiperspirant deodorant

"Garnier NEO," which has a photo in the review is a product of a famous company.Reputation brand guarantees high quality beauty products.If you do not you are hypersensitive, it is possible to use an antiperspirant.The product is like?Use it all the time.From time to time you need to take breaks, using natural remedies.On weekends or during the holidays, when you spend time at home, it is desirable to do without deodorant.It is better to once again take a shower.

deodorant "Garnier NEO", the composition of which can be found on the packaging, including aluminum salts.It is believed that this substance may be harmful.Tangible evidence of this theory is not.No need to be afraid to damage the health and completely abandon antiperspirants.Follow the golden rule.Take breaks for natural resources and do not use antiperspirants unnecessarily.