Seductive bust: 4 steps to perfection.

the chest and neck - very delicate area, and take care of it should be no less carefully than in the skin.And it's better to do it all the time.So, cosmetics and salon treatments.

1. for the daily care of the breast area can use any moisturizer hypoallergenic cream.It is better to apply gentle massage immediately after a shower.

2. Buy a means for increasing the elasticity of the chest.Just remember that in order to achieve a tangible effect, it should be applied morning and evening.

3. Be wary of so-called cream "push-up".They are, according to the summary, designed for "quick and effective breast augmentation three sizes."However, their safety (not to mention the efficiency!) Has not been proved.

4. Learn basic "home" hydro.He is a very beneficial effect on the skin of the breast: just a few minutes could move a jet of cold water from the shower on the décolleté and bust.Just do not overdo it with the pressure - a very strong can injure the chest.

5. wipe the skin with ice cubes.If you do not have the heart to stand under cold water, then wipe the area of ​​the breast can be an ice cube, including from herbal infusions - it improves skin tone.

6. breast massage not get carried away.From various kinds of self-massage strong pressing influences, in particular peeling, best avoided as it can damage the mammary gland.And using a body scrub, remember to décolleté, he should be the most gentle, without coarse solids.

7. Before we go to the salon - consult mammalogy.Any salon treatments (including and SPA), especially those related to thermal effects, needs to be done only after prior consultation with the doctor.In the case of certain health problems chest, they can only do harm.

8. use camouflage makeup to neckline.If you like to dress with a plunging neckline, is particularly attentive to the condition of the skin in this area.Pimples problem can be solved by applying a colorless pencil for their decontamination and camouflage antiseptic preparations.Assist and anti-mask.Just before the release of the neckline can be powder transparent powder - this will give the skin a velvety softness.An additional effect will create and dust with glitter or with a touch of sunburn.Just do not get carried away with it a lot - the skin needs to breathe.

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