Modern forms of organization of production

Modern manufacturing enterprises must possess not only a high technical equipment and qualified personnel, but also include advanced forms of organization of production, rational use of all facilities, taking into account the prevailing market situation and the possibility of time and very quickly respond to all of its changes.

impossible to imagine today the productive forces of any country without the use of bases and management.With its help in the production is carried out permanent analyst efficiency potential of the enterprise, and already on the basis of the received data is the competent organization of the production process, planning all the stages of its development, organizing staff motivation and potential customers, conduct timely monitoring at all stages of production and other communication activities.

skilled task team managers at the stage of organization or reorganization of production is the development of policies for its development.Starting this process to determine the most efficient forms of production organization.There are several classical forms of production organization:

  1. Specialization.As a rule, companies that specialize in the production of uniform or the same type of products.This kind of shape the organization of production involves a highly specialized area of ​​activity of the enterprise, the more complex the production, the higher the level of specialization it provides.

Specialization is divided into several types.Technological specialization is focused on the execution of certain operations in a single production.For example, a foundry.

Subject specialization - a concentration in one proceeding in the production of one type of finished products.For example, a tractor factory.

Exploded view provides specialized production at one plant components or parts of finished products.For example, a tire factory.

  1. cooperation.Enterprises of this form of organization of production created for relationships between industries and enterprises.The main consumers of their products are enterprises specialized form of production.
  2. Diversification.Excellent form of specialization of production combines a wide variety of activities, with a large range of products.
  3. concentration.The form of organization of production on several related companies.
  4. combination.The most difficult form of organization for the management of production, requiring connections within a single enterprise of different manufactures to be linked streamlined process interaction.

determine the shape of the organization of production, effective management team should clearly identify all production functions based processes.To determine the development strategy of the company and put all of the key executives of the execution of specific tasks selected industrial policy.In simple words, the functions of the organization of production in any kind of activity is reduced to obtain the best results minimal financial and labor costs.

very important condition that must be considered among the main problems with the original definition of the enterprise, is the territorial organization of production.Managers of the company have the right to evaluate all the features of the area of ​​production, its key issues and their possible solutions.In addition to the availability of infrastructure and its capabilities still need to evaluate suppliers and potential clients in the region.

With all the differences of volume and technological level of production of the main points of a competent and highly efficient management remain the same.