Goals and objectives of management

Management - a system of principles, methods, forms of management of the organization that are intended to improve production efficiency and increase profitability.Management is applicable to the management of business activities of any company or firm sphere of production of goods and services.Most often studied as a management discipline that aims to formulate the basic principles of management.But management - it is also the area of ​​professional activity, and even the field of scientific research.In this connection distinguish targets and management functions, its different forms and specific tasks.

Goals and objectives of management are different.The goal - is the result of the organization, set point, you want to achieve.Those goals, which sets management for the development of the organization, are the main guide of the enterprise as a whole.The goal-setting are based on hypotheses and predictions.On how exactly the predictions will be made and substantiated the hypothesis will depend on positive results in the future.The more time a forecast is, the harder it is to make assumptions and hypotheses, the uncertainty of the future.

The task is a specific time period for execution or achievement of certain goals.The task - is a certain sequence of tasks, the performance of which leads to the goal.Thus, we consider the goals and objectives of management in more detail.

General objectives of management - it is forecasting, planning and achievement of planned results.The fundamental goal of the management of any organization - to ensure the profitability of the organization.Also highlights objectives such as production management, human resources and the disclosure of its use, upgrading skills and encouraging.The purpose of management - management that is focused on the final positive result and success of the entire organization.

Naturally, each organization the concept of success associated with different goals and objectives.Therefore, the aims and objectives of management of different organizations can and should be different.A successful company - not necessarily a huge corporation.Perhaps achieving "large" size is not on the priority tasks of the organization, but the implementation of these goals is quite indicative of the success of even a small firm.There are even organizations that after all the problems cease to exist.But more often, of course, for the organization, it is important to stay on the market as long as possible.

Task Management - is the development and testing of scientific approaches that are designed to ensure stable and efficient operation of the organization in practice.In addition, allocate tasks such as:

- the formation of goods and services, focused on consumer demand.

- the involvement of highly qualified specialists.

- employee motivation to the effective implementation of their obligations by improving working conditions, pay increases.

- definition of the development strategy of the company;

- development goals and plans to achieve them.

- define the required resources and methods for their support.

- implementing control functions.

It should immediately be noted that the aims and objectives of management in general, and the goals and objectives of strategic management have much in common, but at the same time there are also significant differences.Strategic management is the following: the creation of a strategic vision of further development of the organization, goal setting, strategy development, analysis of the results and adjusting goals and objectives, and strategic vision.