Dome V-Dome - a year later (about the operation)

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year has passed since the beginning of operation of the vacuum frame and domes V-Dome (design similar to the system mobile planetarium).During this time the future of our customers have accumulated questions and answers we have accumulated by working with these structures.

So, the attention of potential holders of a mobile planetarium.

  1. carcass does not cause problems.All customers (which dozens of clients in various regions of Russia) successfully managed an installation skeletons based on the recommendations outlined in the manual.The comments have specific numbers (one person assembles design diameter of up to 7.2 m in less than 2 hours, during this same time, two people set the frame diameter of up to 12 m).
  2. In order to pull a skin need two people (not required for the assembly of a stepladder).Stretching is done by the cord, thrown over the frame.The same scheme is suitable for hanging the inner shell (in this case the power cord is pulled, thrown through a central connector frame).
  3. There is evidence of structural rigidity, which were in extreme conditions.Frames up to 6 m perfectly cope with severe wind loads.5 m diameter dome can withstand stormy weather.
  4. Dome diameter 7,2m: among all shipped domes problems arose only two (both are associated with strong wind).
    • According to the customer, in the first case when a strong gust of wind going inside the connector with six tubes.However, this situation quickly liquidated by the customer, pushing the frame from the inside, so that the design immediately restore the original shape.
    • In the second frame installed on the flat roof of a multi-storey car park.Inside the podium not done by securing the perimeter frame anchors.During a thunderstorm with strong wind gusts are also going to the connector inside the tubes, but officials did nothing, but simply turned off the vacuum and left the workplace.The system remains in a weakened state under a strong wind load.The next morning, the construction was completely destroyed (we sent a new connector to replace damaged).

This situation has forced to reconsider restrictions on the overall frames and proceed with the development of enhanced model with a diameter of 7.0 m.

dome with a diameter of 10.0 and 12.0 m: these designs are operated mainly abroad (both indoors and outdoors), so it is difficult to make generalizations - not enough information.However, with full confidence we can say that if the installation is carried out according to the rules, then the problems with the operation did not arise.This also applies to the case of custom installation, when the dome was installed at an angle of 450 to the surface of the earth (this is common installation diagram of spherical theater).

However, our own studies of large domes (over 10 m) show that the stiffness of the structure should be increased because of strong wind loads when it is not enough.In the near future frameworks such models will be strengthened.

Operating experience dome diameter of 10,0m and 12,0m is not very revealing, sincealmost all of them work abroad - part of the room, on a part of the street.Little information, but where our instructions read and did everything right - no comments.Moreover, even in cases of unusual circuit installation: 45 ° to the ground level - it is popular abroad diagram of a spherical theater.