The best hotel in Egypt for a holiday with a baby "5 stars" and water park in Sharm el -Sheikh : reviews .The best hotels in Egypt for families with children in Hurghada

Egyptian resorts annually attract thousands of tourists.Their biggest advantage is that they can take a rest all year round.Unlike other tropical resorts is not the case of the rainy season.Rainfall is extremely rare, and they are not able to spoil the holiday visitors.In addition, the advantage of holidays in Egypt is that for Russian tourists is no need for a visa.Besides staying in this country costs are quite cheap, so convenient to come here with the whole family.

best hotels in Egypt for families with children with a water park will make your stay in this ancient country simply perfect.They are very convenient, especially for large families.After all, with a large offspring hard to make trips to the water park and other attractions, but here you have everything at your fingertips.You can relax and enjoy the holiday.

remainder of this article we will tell you what the best hotels in Egypt for families with children with a water park, slides and so on. D. And we give examples of hotels and hotel complexes of different categories, that is, for every budget.You just have to weigh the pros and cons and make the right decision.

Resorts Egypt

Before proceeding to the transfer of hotels, first I want to tell you what has resorts in Egypt.This North African country bordering both the Mediterranean and the Red Sea.On the beaches of the Mediterranean, that is, in the northern part of the country for a vacation much cheaper than on the beaches of the Sinai Peninsula.So here comes mainly local people in Egypt.On this coast more relaxed, there is no hustle and bustle.Of course, in this area there are some brand-name hotels, but Egypt's best hotels for families with children "5 stars", however, built on the Red Sea coast.It is located in the most popular Egyptian resorts: Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada.


It is the oldest resort of the Red Sea.It was once discovered by the British.At first it was rather a village than a city.In addition to high quality beach holiday tourists who come here, expect to receive natural health treatments.They include thalassotherapy, mud and so on. D. The main advantages of Hurghada is clean, sandy beaches with gently sloping entrance, which is very convenient for rest toddlers.

It is on the first line of the beach and has the best hotels in Egypt for families with children in Hurghada.At the same time the most convenient time to come to this resort - autumn months.By the way, the very first high-class hotel in this region was the "Sheraton".And today here hotels of this level - a great many, and among them, of course, there is a better hotel for the rest of Egypt with a child 2 years of age and older.

addition, in Hurghada excellent infrastructure, entertainment and so on. D. There are amusement parks, water parks, restaurants, discos and nightclubs.In addition, the resort is suitable for excursions to the magnificent pyramids of the pharaohs in Luxor and other attractions.This means that there will be interesting how very young children and adolescents, not to mention the adults.By the way, according to many, the best hotel in Egypt for a holiday with a baby in Hurghada - The Grand Makadi Hotel.But more about that later.

Sharm El Sheikh

But this resort is the most popular.In addition, he is the most Europeanized.It is also located on the Red Sea coast, in the south of the Sinai Peninsula.Compared to Hurghada the prices are higher, but this does not indicate that the hotels in this resort is better than in Hurghada.Of course, there are hotels that represent the most famous global brands.Many of them are suitable for families with children because is on the small picturesque coves where you can easily redeem the kids.

best hotel in Egypt for a holiday with a baby in Sharm el-Sheikh - Albatros Aqua Blu Sharm, although there are others, no worse than this, the hotel.

One of the most popular in Sharm el-Sheikh is a fun sailing, of course, after diving.After the underwater world near the coast of Sharm so terrific that it just need to see: one big beauty!

Family Holidays in Sharm el-Sheikh

If you come with kids in Sharm el-Sheikh, you preferred to choose a hotel with opportunities for water activities, from which kids come to a complete delight, so it is necessary to examine a list of whereshows the best hotels in Egypt for families with children with a water park.

Sharm El Sheikh from this point of view - a real find.The resort has such a great variety of hotels.Another option is easier.This time under our sight get the best hotels in Egypt for families with children with slides.They are also a great many, so it will be plenty to choose from.According to experts, the most popular among them are:

1. "Albatros Aqua Blu Sharm."

2. "Jazz Mirabel Park."

3. "Sia Club Aqua Park".

4. "House Beach Resort."

5. "Park Inn Radisson buy" and others.

All of these hotels are famous for water sports, they have a lot of pools, slides, with both adults and children.Kids in these hotels certainly will not be bored.They are supervised by instructors.Parents only need to stock up on sunscreen, and choose the right time to visit the water park.As for the prices of these hotels, they are quite acceptable - from 2 to 5 thousand rubles a day with meals on the system "all inclusive" and the possibility to use the entire spectrum of entertainment.

Kids in Hurghada

To be honest, this resort more than the Sharm el-Sheikh, is suitable for families with children.It is much quieter, especially at night, and nothing can prevent your baby sleep.In addition, Egypt's best hotels for families with children in Hurghada (reviews can read about them later in this article) are mainly located on the first beach line.

Almost the entire coast of the resort entrance to the sea flat, and it is said that this place is perfect for families with young children.They are plenty splash in the water, and parents will worry about them.However, it is not important if the hotel has a water park, or even a few water slides.Children, of course, will always strive for it.

Hurghada also has many separate operating water parks giants, such as "Jungle" and "Titanic", but prigostinichnye so good that nowhere to go, no need to buy an entrance ticket (for guests) do not have to think aboutnutrition (all close by), and so on. d. That is why parents, going on vacation in Egypt, choose the best hotels in Egypt for families with children with a water park.Rate of change with every season, if not more often.This suggests that the administration systems are constantly improving water parks operating in their territories, and this allows them to act with dignity in the market.The best hotel with a water park in Hurghada are:

1. "Beach Albatross".

2. "Jungle Aqua Park".

3. "Sindbad Beach".

4. "Iberotel Aquamarine."

5. "Titanic Aqua Park and Resort."

They are great for recreation for both adults and children.However, in contrast to the Sharm el-Sheikh is the price a little lower.At least, there are five-star hotels as well as 4-star hotels in the nearby resort.

When to rest with the child in the Egyptian resort?

summer in Egypt is very hot.The sun beats down mercilessly almost all year round.This means that you can not show your kiddies most interesting attractions are located in the open air.But in autumn the heat subsides a bit, but the sea is still warm and affectionate.Autumn rainfall in Egypt - a rare, one might even say exceptional phenomenon.This means that your vacation will not be spoiled by bad weather.Doctors do not recommend to go with children in Africa, even the North, in the summer.A trip to Egypt with the child is also convenient in the spring.Weather not hot, but the air felt fresh.Also during this period are not crowded, and, therefore, prices for tours below.And to relax more appropriate not to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh.

How to choose the right hotel?E gipet: Holidays with children, the best hotels, reviews

Many traveling on vacation to Egypt families think that they do not have to choose hotels with more stars.Perhaps when it comes to Turkey or Greece, it is not really so important.In principle, some "treshki" and especially "four" may well serve as a wonderful haven for the whole family.However, when it comes to Egypt, especially on the Sharm el-Sheikh, is for families with children is better to choose among the five, sometimes - and four-star hotels belonging to global brands.Africa - it is Africa.In these hotels you will not have to worry about the cleanliness of the premises, for the quality of food, and so on. D. At the same time you will have to take care of children's entertainment.After all, you may want after working days of the ordinary lazy holiday, total relaxation, and the kiddies will not be enough.They want to frolic and enjoy life.Therefore, choosing a hotel, stop for those cases in which, among other fun water park there, or at least a few slides.That is, it means that your choice should fall on the best hotels in Egypt for families with children with a water park "5 stars".

reviews of people who have rested in them, help orient and not to make mistakes.Even high-end hotels are not always correspond to the level to which we have become accustomed.

main component of your successful holiday can be a well-organized animation.The child should be interesting and not dull.While you will enjoy a vacation, a child will be engaged professionals.If you go on vacation with a child under 3 years, then ask whether the hotel babysitting service.It is also very important.And still need to find out whether the offer at the restaurant, children's menu.Meals sometimes becomes the biggest problem that can ruin your vacation.Even if there is a buffet with a huge variety of dishes it is that your child is not among all this there is nothing suitable.After all, why would you feed him sharp and savory delicacies, and so on.. In principle, this sturdy and distinguished five-star hotels - takes into account all the wishes and needs of all travelers.

During a trip with children is also very important that the hotel was a pharmacy around the clock medical care.At times during the acclimatization the child may rapidly rise the temperature, and the parents need to be sure that they will help in this situation.From reviews of tourists, it is clear that many 5- and 4-star hotels are great for families with children.

best hotels in Egypt for families with children in Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada hotel chain "Albatross"

Among all Egyptian hotels and water park are the most successful hotel network "Albatross".Hurghada is a four star hotel Albatros Jungle Aqua Park.He is perhaps the largest of all existing hotels, water parks.Its extensive grounds have as many as 16 pools with 35 water slides for different age groups.Such a wide range of water activities for the lack of its own private beach.

other hotels of this network - Albatros Aqua Blu Sharm - also belongs to the category 4 *.It is located in the most prestigious of the Egyptian resorts - in Sharm el-Sheikh.Its water park is almost no way inferior to that which is in Hurghada.There is only one hill ahead "jungle".This hotel is well located not on the first beach line.Sea of ​​it is 700 meters.Of course, families with children rarely go to the beach, preferring to relax next to the pools, where their kids frolic.

Another one of the hotels of the "Albatross" - Royal Albatros Moderna 5 * - located in Nabq.It's also great for kids.Here, as in all hotels of this network, there are swimming pools with water slides and other water attractions.Interesting Activities organized by the younger generation of professional animators.Children are definitely not be missed: the hotel complex is quite large water park with slides for children and their parents.Swimming pools are heated in winter.From reviews of former guests, we become aware that from the point of view of the interior is not all perfect.Most of the rooms are in need of renovation.Nevertheless, this is a very comfortable hotel, and here you can spend a wonderful vacation.With power and everything is at the highest level.The restaurant has food intended for children.But fans of swimming in the sea is better not to come here.In this area, it is subject to the ebb and flow, that is, there is no stability outlined beachfront, which is quite dangerous, especially for children.In short, the network places "Albatross" - Egypt's best hotels for families with children in Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada.

Iberotel Aquamarine 5 *

For many, the best hotel in Egypt for a holiday with a child - "Iberotel Aquamarine 5 *" (Hurghada).Here tourists achieved the highest level of service.The hotel has all pleasing to the eye: a magnificent stylish interior, chic restaurants, bars, cafes, fitness center, spa and others. Lovers of water attractions here waiting for two water parks: for adults and children.During the cooler months at a water park heated swimming pools.For the children the complex has a mini-club, games room and playground, animation, and special menus at the restaurant.As you can see, "Iberotel Aquamarine" can safely carry the title of "Best Hotel in Egypt for a holiday with a baby."

"Titanic Aqua Park End Resort"

Another four-star hotel can be called the best among egipetsih hotels for family holidays.There will especially enjoy the younger generation.This is the "Titanic Aqua Park End Resort."Unlike the previous ones, it has its own extensive beach.Some of the 28 roller coasters installed next to the sea.The rest are located in 9 pools.All are heated in winter and create favorable conditions for the enjoyment of water sports.The hotel also offers tennis and volleyball courts, a mini football, fitness center, pool tables and table tennis.It is also easily possible to make a list of "best hotels in Egypt for families with children."Reviews travelers say about it.Sometimes assessment guests much truer than the different rankings, compiled by advertising companies.

Three Corners Kiroseiz

list of "Best Hotels Egypt for families with children" 5 Stars "(Sharm El Sheikh)" continues hotel "three corners".It is very comfortable, owned by Belgian owners.Three Corners Kiroseiz Resort is located not far from the beach.From the airport to go to him just 10 minutes, which is very convenient when traveling with parents baby.Not all children are well tolerated in a long ride in the car.By the way, you stay in this hotel, you can choose either a room in a three-storey buildings, a two-storey villa.The latter option is perfect for families as holiday homes are equipped with kitchens, as well as a washing machine.Every mother knows how important it is, especially if you come to Egypt in a week, and two or three.As for the area of ​​entertainment, there is no diversity in the hotel chain "Albatross", but here are pretty quiet and peaceful.

Tia Heights Aqua 5 *

This hotel also has every reason to be called the best for families.It is located in Hurghada, on the Makadi Bay.Because of the huge size and its infrastructure should be called mega hotel.Waterpark - a giant!Europe's largest outdoor pool (6400 m²) is here.It is simply amazing.In the heart of the water grows a bar.Of course, adults are much more slides - 14 children and only 3, but enough of them to kids, riding on them, they come to a complete delight.By the way, the hotel has an indoor swimming pool, equipped with a cheerful children's slides.

Park Inn by Radisson

hotel chain "Radisson" is known worldwide.Great service, comfortable rooms, a stylish interior, tasty and quality food.He is not on the first line of the beach, but not very distant from the sea.He owns a private beach with coral.To reach it, you need to ride on a bus provided by the hotel summer.The first thing that catches the eye when entering the hotel - an unprecedented beauty of landscape design.