Rating sympathy for the domestic businessmen

most attractive domestic businessmen believe the Russians Mikhail Prokhorov, found the research center portal Superjob.ru, polled 3,000 adult respondents in 303 cities and towns of the country.Respondents were asked to choose the most pretty of the two dozen most frequently mentioned in the media of Russian entrepreneurs.

«All the works are good, choose on taste" - everyone in Russia is known since school years, and the role of a successful and wealthy businessman, many of us try not to be refused.However, it turned out that more than a quarter (27%) of the respondents do not feel sympathy to anyone from the list of compatriots have succeeded in business.

percent support of a prominent businessman did not rise above

13% - this is the number of people who are sympathetic to the founder of the group "Onexim" Mikhail Prokhorov.In second place billionaire Roman Abramovich, to which positive about 8%.Third place went to the guru Evgeny Kaspersky information security (7%).

4% of Russians sympathize with the former owner of Yukos, now serving a prison sentence for Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

3% of sympathy scored founder of the brewing of the brand "Tinkoff", the bank "Tinkoff.Credit system "and dumpling brand" Daria "Oleg Tinkoff (3%), the creator of the social network" VKontakte "Pavel Durov, the founder of" Euroset "Evgeny Chichvarkin and owner of" Interros "Vladimir Potanin.

2% from Oleg Deripaska ("Basic Element") and Alisher Usmanov ("Steel").

Despite all its capital and influence in the business circles of the ten most respected citizens of businessmen are not logged in, Vagit Alekperov, Alexander Lebedev, Suleiman Kerimov, and Viktor Vekselberg, which feels sympathy for the Russians, only one out of a hundred.

often mentioned in the media, Sergei Polonsky, Arkady Rotenberg and Vladislav Doronin did not collect a single vote for all the volume and scandalous publications about them.

Thus, respondents named one of the first Russian millionaire German Sterligov, co-owner of a large chain of "Magnit" Sergey Galitsky, the principal owner of "The Messenger" Maxim Nogotkova and CEO of the company "Padva and Epstein" Pavel Gerasimov.

18% of respondents found it difficult to answer.

According to the survey, Prokhorov equally sympathetic to all categories of respondents, regardless of their gender or age.

But in a support group of Roman Abramovich is more common young people (14% among respondents younger than 24 years versus 4% among those older than 45).One reason for the sympathy - that Abramovich supports football.

For Kaspersky often voted men (8% versus 5% for women).He is respected for what he is "intellectual" and earned capital "his mind."

Chichvarkin like most middle-aged people (25-45 years - 4% of young respondents and those over 45, - 2%) and Tinkoff - young people (5% vs. 2%, respectively).He is respected both for "literacy approach to business" and for the quality of beer produced by his company.

Khodorkovsky were more common the older generation (6% of people over 45 years, and only 2% - of respondents under the age of 24).In addition to sympathy, interviewees expressed their respect and Khodorkovsky, the businessman, "incredibly competent in all respects."

At the heart of our research is the rating was the most frequently mentioned in the media business, but the love and fame for our compatriots, as we can see, these are different things.Judging by the comments of respondents respect the people from the business is not so much for the size of the state, many of the vital position, intelligence, and useful to society activities, and the stereotype of what a big business fair does not happen, obviously, will have to fight more than one generation of Russian businessmen.

Articles Source: superjob.ru