How to enter the drug in the conjunctival sac

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conjunctival sac is a cavity formed between the eyeball, more precisely, its front surface and rear surface of the eyelids.This cavity is lined with conjunctiva and in the eye slit open.There are upper and lower sections.Most often it is instilled into the lower conjunctival sac.Upper buried rarely.

drip drops into the conjunctival sac of the case seems very simple.However, not always even qualified ophthalmologists correctly perform this procedure.You can dig in the conjunctival sac of the eye patient who has accepted the position of sitting.When the patient tilts her head back slightly, and his eyes should be directed upwards.The lower eyelid is slightly delayed and the pipette is brought to the eye as close as it lead to the eyelashes.The tip of her eyelashes should not touch the patient, to avoid eye infection and contamination of the pipette.Yet I must say that if it is to keep the eye at a distance of more than two centimeters, the procedure may cause the patient pain.Next dug the lower conjunctival sac.In most cases, sufficient contact with two or three drops.A larger amount of fluid, usually just does not fit there.It is important that the eye drops have not lower than room temperature, or due to spasm of age they can not fall into the lower conjunctival sac.Excess droplets that can flow from his eyes, removed a clean cotton swab.

pipette used for this medical procedure must be sterile and individually for each patient.Should be avoided in order to remedy typed into the glass of the pipette, got into her elastic part.For this reason, the physician must keep it in an upright position.Using with instillation mydriatics and miotikov - that is, resources that can expand or narrow the pupil, you have to be very careful.For example, if a person who suffers from glaucoma, drip tool that expands the pupil, it may be complicated by glaucoma.And if the patient has inflamed choroid, it is better not to drip it into the lower conjunctival sac of tools that can narrow the pupil - or the inflammatory process will progress.Narrowing the eyelid funds must be entered in glaucoma.

To drip the conjunctival sac of the eye a little child, you need two people - a doctor and his assistant.At that time, the doctor involved in the procedure, his assistant fixes the arms and legs a little patient, due to its movements pipette could not damage the membrane of the eye.Hold the dropper with medication in his right hand, left the doctor pushes a child forever.Then are introduced in the conjunctival sac of one to two drops of a liquid formulation.More than two input is not worth it.

If conjunctiva struck by any inflammatory process, can introduce ointment.It introduces a special device in the form of a glass rod, one end of which is flattened like a spatula.In the end I put a little ointment - no more peas by volume.Before you use this tool, it should be boiled.The ointment is introduced in the outer corner conjunctival sac.Again, if the patient is a child, you need another assistant to fix the position of his body, as an adult patient will not resist such a procedure, for understanding, for what it is necessary.The child is likely to be intimidated by this process.That is why, without a physician's assistant can not do, if he needed to enter an ointment into the conjunctival sac of the eye.Introducing her wand must be removed using a rotary motion.If the patient's disease is age, the medication should be applied to the affected area.After the introduction of the ointment in the conjunctival sac of the patient closes his eyes, and his doctor gently massages the eyelids to the ointment is better absorbed.It is best to make circular massage century through a sterile cotton swab.