What should the commode high

furniture indispensable element that is present in almost every house - a chest of drawers.Tall or short, wide or more resembling a bar, it is useful in all its shapes and sizes.But in choosing such is necessary to consider the size of the apartment, its interior and other nuances.And if it is done correctly, such furniture will last you more than a decade, will be a great decorative addition and home decoration.

choosing any furniture elements, is first and foremost take into account the size of the apartment.Many of us are owners of the Greatest space, so the most appropriate option would be a high chest of drawers.Due to the fact that all the boxes are placed one above the other, much of the space remained vacant.In such a "cabinet" can accommodate a large number of things you can use it instead of the mezzanine and the lower boxes to store shoes.

Chest high - it is more practical choice, as it has not much in common with the model of furniture that was invented centuries ago in Europe.On it you will not be able to keep, like on a coffee table, books and newspapers, flower vases, toys and souvenirs.On the contrary, it becomes a place to store things is not the first need, as well as those items that need to hide from the child.

Despite its practicality, high chest of drawers can also be made in a certain style.Its handles can have different shapes, wall boxes and marginalia can be inlaid patterns, hammering or even precious metals and stones.Such furniture elements are made in the old style, Baroque, or in the spirit of Romanticism - on request.

only that this cabinet is still not able to borrow from their "ancestors" - it's feet.Most, often uneven load can not withstand curved and thin supports.Accordingly, as a rule, equipped with dressers low (up to 3 cm in height) and wide feet which are arranged on all four sides of the bottom.In this case, the furniture is kept stable in its place, and in it you without fear can keep any belongings and household items.

most commonly used high chests of drawers for linen.They can be placed in the bedroom or in the dressing room, if the footage allows.It was in the boxes, one above the other, it's best to keep things that you use is not too often.Also, such furniture is ideal for shoes - in each box can be arranged shoes and boots of individual family members.

is quite another - a chest of drawers high and wide.This furniture unit will look good in the big house, where there is no need to save space.Of course, in a chest of drawers, whose height exceeds 1.5 meters, you can put anything you want.But most importantly - it can be placed in the living room, and even in the lobby.

course already, regardless of the options chosen his chest hue, inlay and silhouette.It is important that all elements of its decoration match the style of your home, not escaped to the fore, but also not lost on the background of a winning and bright furniture elements.