Data Center - what is it?

To date, no one is surprised by the fact that in some companies present their own data center.What is it, known only to a few employees of the organization, but in fact, this equipment requires any business that wants to achieve real stability.In other words, if there is a real need to ensure smooth, scalable and manageable operation of the company, by when the IT infrastructure is directly dependent on the stability of the business, using the data center.

What is it?

Thus, with the passage of time and the development of information technology in virtually any organization that is somehow connected to the information present their own data center.What it is?The data center, which specialized in professional literature often called data center.From the name you can understand that in such equipment through a variety of operations that are directly related to the processing of any information, that is, the creation or generation of data for later archiving and storage of files, and the subsequent provision of the user's request.At the same time, special attention should be paid to the fact that in addition to the above functions is as safe destruction of data, which is responsible for the data center.What it is?Elimination of certain files without damaging the rest of the data and may not be restored if deleted really important information that should not fall into the hands of others.

Where can they be used?

Today, there are quite a number of assets, including land registries, pension funds and a variety of libraries, which are directly involved in the collection and storage of various information.It is worth noting that there is such information, which in itself generates business, for example, one that uses a variety of reference services.There is also information that does not take any part in the business processes, but it is necessary for their implementation.This data includes the files of personnel services, as well as a database of user accounts in various information systems.

industrial holdings are specialized electronic archives to perform computing tasks, store documents, and automate business processes.Thus, different organizations use different types of information, as well as problems relating to its processing.To solve these problems and create a data center.What is it, knows only the system administrator, on whose shoulders rests the maintenance of this equipment.

When a data center?

tasks related to the processing of information at different times, were solved with the help of various technical means.In the twentieth century electronic computing devices have become the basis of modern business, as assumed the overwhelming majority of computing tasks, and the emergence of devices that contain confidential information, provided an opportunity to get rid of paper files, replacing them with a more compact, yet affordable electronicand tape media.Have to Be the first electronic computers, it was necessary to allocate dedicated machine rooms, which retain the desired climatic conditions that the equipment is not overheated during operation and thus stable.

server rooms and features

Since the beginning of the era of personal computers and small servers, computer equipment almost any of the company was concluded in special computer rooms.In the overwhelming majority of cases under this room provides a specific room where installed home air conditioning and uninterruptible power supply to ensure continuous operation of the equipment in good condition.Nowadays, however, this option is suitable only for those companies in which business processes are very dependent on the information used and the available computing resources.

The data center is different from the server?

By and large, modern data center is an enhanced copy of a traditional server room, because they actually have a lot in common - is the use of engineering systems that support continuous operation of the equipment necessary to provide the required climate, as well as the appropriate level of security.But at the same time, there are a number of differences, which are crucial.

data center is equipped with a complete set of different engineering systems, as well as specialized components, ensure the normal and stable operation of the information infrastructure of the company in the mode that is required to operate the business.

Where to use this equipment?

In Russia, data processing with the help of such centers has become popular since 2000, when such equipment began ordering various banking institutions, government agencies and businesses in the oil industry.It is worth noting that the first data center came in 1999, when it began to be used for the processing of declarations and certificates of income of the inhabitants of Moscow and the region.

also one of the first major data center was the equipment that was used in the center of the Savings Bank.In 2003, with the support of "Rostelecom" in Chuvashia organized the first national data center, which is used to organize historical data.These devices provide a variety of local authorities, and in 2006 also opened a center in which the data processing center "Kurchatov Institute".The following year, the company VTB-24 and Yandex have also begun to use their own data center.Moscow, so rather quickly came to the use of such equipment, as well as other major cities in Russia.

Where is set the data center?

Nowadays own data centers used by virtually every major geographically-distributed company, especially if the business is highly dependent on the IT organization.In Examples operators, companies, retailers, travel and transport companies, medical institutions, industrial companies and more.

data center may be intended for a particular enterprise or to be used as a multi-user equipment.Multi-data center provides a wide range of services, including business continuity, as well as web hosting, server rental and accommodation and many other elements.Services data centers are the most relevant for small and medium-sized businesses, since it can be used to eliminate the need for capital expenditure for the modernization of the IT infrastructure, and ultimately get a guarantee of reliability and service of the highest quality.

key to a successful data center - is a competent design

Proper design of the data center eliminates the occurrence of serious problems in the operation of the equipment, as well as to reduce costs in the operation.In general the structure of the center is divided into four main elements - an engineering infrastructure, building, software and specialized equipment.Meanwhile, construction of buildings and premises for the installation of such equipment is performed in a variety of standards, the main purpose of which is to ensure the safety and reliability.In Western countries often set extremely serious and sometimes very peculiar requirements for data centers - in particular, we should mention that the building should be at least at a distance of 90 meters from the very highest point up to which the water during a flood in the past 100 years, whichachieved is not nearly as easy as it might seem at first glance.