How to make icing

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Even the most delicious confection will not look impressive, if it does not cover the glaze.This will give it a finished look will be a wonderful decoration as well as a great field for further decoration.So, how to make the glaze?First you need to decide what color it should be in the end.The glaze can be absolutely any color, the most common are white and brown, made of chocolate.

recipe for those who do not know how to make the icing without spending a lot of time and effort.For it needed tiles of milk chocolate and vegetable oil.In a water bath is necessary to melt the chocolate, slowly pouring the oil into it until the desired consistency.After that you need to glaze boil for another five minutes on low heat, and put a little bit cool.The finished sauce or dip coated with a cake in her cookie.This cake icing hardens very quickly and perfectly retains its taste chocolate bar.Decoration for confectionery products may be prepared not only chocolate but also from the cocoa powder.This recipe is a bit more complicated than the previous one, but it will also be able to handle even the novice mistress.For its preparation will need 100 grams of butter, 7 tablespoons of sugar, 5 tablespoons of the milk and the same amount of cocoa powder.Oil in any case can not be changed because margarine on how to make the glaze from it will not turn out.In the fire melted butter are added all the other ingredients.The entire mixture was cooked until until it begins to thicken, about 10 minutes.After that you need to glaze cool slightly and pour her a surface of the cake.Refreshments will be ready after complete cooling glaze.During its preparation for this recipe it is important to see to it so that no lumps and interfere with her all the time that it is on fire.

not always need to decorate a cake brown glaze.For example, at the top of Easter cakes should be white.The question arises: how to make white frosting?To do this you need one egg, a little less cups of powdered sugar.Mixer whipping protein, gently pour powdered sugar.You need to whisk until glaze thickens.It turns lush, sticky, white mass, which is worn on the surface of the cake, pie or cake.Also, white glaze can be made according to the above recipe, changing the tiles of milk chocolate to white chocolate.You can also prepare icing.For it is necessary to take 0.5 kg of powdered sugar and 8 tablespoons of any syrup.Lemon syrup typically used as glazes can later make any color.In a small saucepan put the powder and syrup and cook them over low heat until the mixture starts to evenly coat the spoon.After this, if necessary, into the glaze, you can add food coloring and cook for another 10 minutes Thanks to the lemon juice dyes are bright, and the colors are pure.

How to make a glaze for the cake described above, but not every glaze is obtained gloss.To achieve it, we must use small tricks.For example, a mix of vodka and a little honey and melt them in a water bath, then pour on top of a surface coated with glaze.For these purposes use apricot jam and seedless fruit pieces.His boil, then strain through cheesecloth and pour them confection.By itself, jam yellow color, but after heating and straining to glaze he was not to be seen, but the surface is mirrored.Preparatory to any of the above types of glazes, it should always stir and ensure consistency.You can not make it too thick, because after cooling it would be difficult to apply evenly on the product.A little patience and skill and beautiful glazed pastry become frequent guests on the table!