Everyone chooses his own VST-Synthesizer according to individual criteria, because everyone has their own preferences and needs.However, over the past few years, the market appeared so many programs of this type, what to choose among them the most quality is becoming increasingly difficult.For this reason, easier to just consider what features and benefits is a VST-Synthesizer, what its advantages over similar products.

Audio Damage - Phosphor

prototype for creating this utility is alphaSyntauri, who during his peak of popularity was rather a kind of tool.Therefore it is considered to this day.This VST-synth based on additive synthesis and the structure here is very simple - two oscillators.

Although today there are quite a number of implicit Fitch, after all, the synthesizer is characterized not as flexible architecture, like other utilities, which affects its capabilities.However, its use is simply ideal for the synthesis of various FM bell sounds, pads in the style of classic fiction, sharp bass noise, moving with disabilities and many other things that are done just perfectly.Thanks to this VST-synth Audio Damage - Phosphor popular today.

GForce - The Oddity

This synthesizer is popular due to the fact that provides extremely high-quality emulation of vintage "pieces of iron".Therefore, this utility does not lose its leading position.

considering the best VST-synth, this program should be given special attention, since it is based on ARP Odyssey, which enjoyed wide popularity from 1971 to 1976.It is worth noting that the Oddity is a very, very good emulation of a synthesizer, and yet its virtual features provide the user with a number of advantages, such as the combination of different presets, which ultimately allows you to create very interesting sounds.

GForce - Minimonsta

If you are going to emulate classic synth, then in that case there are two options - you just go in line with available to you possibilities of iron, and then raising it mirrored counterpart, or simply risk and start addingcertain functions that are unusual for the original model, but it makes much more interesting the program that you will use.If we consider Minimonsta, in this case the company GForce decided to still follow the second path, making sure the utility gets the best of VST-synth today.

At the heart of the program is the standard Minimoog, but if the user activates Monsta, he has the ability to assign LFO to any desired setting it, and thanks to specialized technology you can easily move smoothly between 12 patches.Thus, in the end it turns out, for example, a good synth Woodwind VST, which has several vintage character, but is equipped with the latest features.

Spectrasonics - Trilian

This receiver called Trilogy, which first appeared in 2003 and is the second VST, released on Steam engine after Omnisphere.Library of the synthesizer is 34 GB and contains a wide variety of samples of electronic and acoustic bass, and each patch includes two layers.In case of need can be arranged in a multi up to eight different patches.

Quite a number of treatments available, but the simple interface allows any user to get comfortable, so if you already have Trilian, it is difficult to assume that you choose somewhere else to try to look for bass synthesizer VST.

FabFilter - Twin 2

This utility differs from many others in that it has a wide variety of instruments.This VST instruments include four filters having a wide range of species, three oscillators, as well as the extremely clear modulation system that can serve as a basis for the disclosure of your imagination.Many believe that this synthesizer is characterized not so great functionality compared with their competitors, but in fact it is perfectly used for games and software, and if we consider the utility of a purely sonic point of view, it will definitely give a head start to the same Sylenth1.

Native Instruments - FM8

Every person who used synthesizers in the 80's, knows that is a Yamaha DX7, which was the dream of every musician.Program FM8, which emulates the synthesizer, today also already become legendary, because it not only has a great sound, but perfectly realized frequency modulation, it is difficult to find in other programs of this kind.And this is not to mention what is the VST instruments.

It is worth noting that even in the simplified mode, you can achieve good results, but for those people who want to delve into the process of creating the music mode provides Expert, reveals all the possibilities.

Sonic Charge - Synplant

If we look at the most original guitar synth VST, the first place should definitely give it Synplant.On the development of this device worked man who in his time in the group released Reason Malstorm.The essence of this utility is that you are cultivating sounds gradually by increasing the growth of the branches of the root in the center.For this reason, the sounds, which are obtained in this synthesizer are mostly organic.

Cakewalk - Z3TA + 2

Many remember the first version Z3TA, which is definitely not suitable for a truly interesting and high-quality music, but the situation changed dramatically after 2011, a second version of this utility.On the one hand, developers have dramatically changed the interface is on the other - there was no change in the architecture of the synthesis.However, despite all this, the sound quality remains high, as befits any modern synthesizer, and in particular highlight the tremendous opportunities this second version in terms of working with oscillators.

Rob Papen - Albino 3

semi-modular synthesizer, which is engaged in the creation of the company LinPlug in accordance with the specifications of the world-renowned sound designer Rob Papen.Features of this program extremely harmoniously interact with each other, and, in particular, considering the vocal synthesizer VST, you'll find four oscillator and four layers in each patch that allows you to create an incredibly powerful and epic sounds.It is said that on board there is a hard filter, as well as a vast variety of modulation options.It should be noted that originally provided in the kit to 2100 presets from the Rob Papen, but make no mistake: trying to cheat your sounds, you can achieve much more.

FXpansion - DCAM

Surprisingly, this program for a long time not to market virtual synthesizers, but once the developers still decided to do it, the world was presented at the same time three tools, and add-in usingwhich could add these tools, or a variety of effects.DCAM is full of pleasant elements, and used it in an extensive modulation system enables the synthesis of a wide variety of sounds.At first glance, the work of this software is quite complicated, but enough to understand all, and you get an excellent synthesizer in its use.

GForce - impOSCar

GForce company decided to release the VST-synth as a virtual analogue model OSCar, which was produced in 2003 and has received very widespread.It is worth noting that this program is similar to his real prototype, but there is a difference - an additional ring tone and effects section.Due to the fact that there are combined fitbeki from users, as well as original ideas of engineers, it has been very, very good the second version, and we can say without a doubt that it is a musical step forward compared to the prototype.All this makes impOSCar 2 is not just an excellent emulation of a real prototype, but also a great synthesizer in principle.

reFX - Nexus2

This utility is not as functional as most reviewed here synthesizers, and many picky people might even say that it is, in principle, not a synthesizer in a classic performance, but if the priority you want to get great soundsout of the box, this option will definitely suit you.Initially, this tool is provided for use in modern dance music.Presets, if necessary, can be modified by using a number of parameters, however, deserves special attention the gate and onboard arpeggiator.Using window Mix, you will realize the setting of the individual layers, which in each patch can be up to four and has a number of built-in effects.All this program does not lose popularity, and today you can easily download this VST-synth torrent.