How to make and how to equip a studio apartment

Nowadays layout of the apartment is very different from the one that was used thirty years ago.Then it was the room, clearly divided into rooms, which perform specific functions: office, bedroom, kitchen, living room, hallway, etc.

Today more and more popular apartments "flow" function.This can be a living room-kitchen, bedroom, study, dining room, living room, etc.Experts in the field of real estate claimed that studio apartments each year are becoming more in demand.

first housing of this type appeared in the United States.The apartments intended for young employees of large companies.Later in Europe evaluated this plan.In our country of such apartments we have learned only recently - in 2001.The massive construction began in 2006.In Russia, the creation of the studio apartments has become a way of expansion of space in small apartments.Very often this method is used in the famous "Khrushchev."

What studio apartment

Some people believe that this is one large room with no partitions.Such a definition is not quite true.This area, divided into functional areas.This division is made with modern interior elements.Can be used glass walls, bars, transparent or opaque sliding partitions.How to equip a studio apartment?This issue is of concern to many of our fellow citizens, when there is a need to expand the space.

Where to start

First, consider the design project of your apartment with registration functionality.Studio suggests the optimal zoning of space, which can be achieved with different floor levels, a variety of floor coverings, colors, the use of different materials.


To understand how to make a studio apartment, for example, let's take a typical two-bedroom apartment in the panel house of the old buildings.Usually, they cause a lot of problems when trying to somehow beat.Rooms are small, one of them can be quite tiny.In the bathroom did not turn in the corridor barely diverge two people.The rooms are usually minimal partitions, which does not normally furnished apartment.How to equip a studio apartment in this room?

wall demolition

This is the first step in the regeneration of the studio.It is advisable to clean all the walls - not only the interior but also the wall that separates the hall from the rooms.But in this case there may be some problems.Firstly, the walls may be carriers.Such reconstruction must be coordinated with the BTI and the architectural department of the local administration.Second, not everyone wants out of the kitchen or a room to look at the hall.Many housewives think that if isolated hallway, the apartment will be much cleaner.

In this case, you can carry only the top part of the wall and build it again from the glass blocks.As a result, the entrance will be fenced off, but lost the effect of "deaf" walls, and in the hall will be more light.The walls between rooms are not generally bearing, so the problems with their demolition will not occur.The resulting space is needed to convert bit.After all, the main purpose of such reconstruction - make the apartment is spacious and comfortable.


dressing room How to equip a studio apartment, to make rational use of the area?On the territory of the former living room, close to the entrance, it is necessary to fence off a small dressing room.The apartment will be much freer - the smaller things in sight, the spacious room.

Getting rid of the corridor

does not make sense to keep this narrow appendage connecting the hall to the kitchen.The studio apartment kitchen is part of an ensemble.And through this corridor can significantly increase the bathroom.

How to arrange the furniture

This is a very important question.The furniture in the studio apartment must be selected very carefully according to the style that you choose for your apartment.If possible, choose a model to maximize the functionality.

Cuisine is better positioned on a small podium.A furniture for her advise to do with glossy facades.

Partitions in a studio apartment

For those who are not yet ready to live in an open space, or sometimes in need of solitude, you can build a lightweight, "partial" partitions.Behind them can be a job or a comfortable sofa or lounge chair.

In this case, the partition width should be such that it just covered the desired area.These "partial" partitions can be made not only of plasterboard that is used quite frequently, but also from glass blocks.You can apply beautiful racks.

Now it's time to decide how to arrange a studio apartment.Photo of some options we have placed in this article.For example, with a new wardrobe can coexist bed in one of the windows, you can organize the workplace.Large and comfortable sofa to relax better to put closer to the center.Opposite the sofa set or hang the TV on the wall.


If you want to have a modern and beautiful apartment, but has not yet decided to create a studio apartment, you can use the option psevdostudii.In accordance with the project in the apartment all the rooms are fenced off, but in general it is perceived as a studio.In this case, take down all the walls, and then block the sale of new, singled to center round the living room.It is not very big, but it does not look closely because it is round.

Accordingly, the rounded walls are erected.They make wide openings that lead to all the rooms of the apartment.From the living room is easy to get to the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or hallway.You decide how much you now have is the rooms, and what is their purpose.Even if the area is not too large, they will not close, thanks to round the walls.As a result, the entire space will be "twisted" around the living room, but due to the fact that the openings are wide, all the rooms visible from the living room.Lost the feeling of enclosed spaces, and a feeling of unity of composition inherent in the classical studio.

We told you how to build a studio apartment.Only you can decide if you this option.