How to get him to give gifts (promotion of the Zodiac)

¬ęDarling, give me something ..." - many men, this phrase causes only irritation.How to make a man happy eyes staring at his lady and mistress, but not at the price tags?Of course, it will be only the wealthy men who could afford to present the ladies expensive gifts, not just candy, flowers and perfume.

¬ęto untwist" a man can be, focusing on his zodiac sign.This is best done at the beginning of the novel.After all, the nature of man is such that over time they lose the excitement of the hunter.


If starving artist squandered money on a million red roses, who eventually turned out to be happy?Millions of colors on the bread you will not smear.Aries male is just capable of grand gestures, but their gifts terribly impractical ... At first they give as gifts girl to not hear the word "no."As if it's a matter of life and death ... This rule applies when hunting for gifts from Aries.The word "necessary" works better than "I want to."The "must" have a chance to be heard, if you argue and why need this thing.Otherwise, Aries will choose a gift on your own.If a rustling papers Aries did not want to leave - it is an indicator of his lack of sexual interest.A good or bad, to solve the woman.Indeed, in this case, there is no prospect or relationship is doomed to collapse in the near future.

Taurus Taurus - extremely practical and hard-working man who zealously guards his wealth.It is not necessary to ask directly how much he earns.After all, an indicator of its financial solvency is always there - clothes, accessories, car, etc.Build from a "poor student" - useless.It is necessary to measure themselves with the best hand, though, and you could do without this man.When the waiter bring a restaurant bill, get your wallet.When Taurus understands that to him a woman who can pay for itself, then decides that she is with him, not for money.With such gestures, you can quickly turn a man-of Taurus in the one who gladly indulges, "walking and dancing" his woman ...


This man often coexist two opposites: classic miser and generous gentleman.The fact that materialism in relations Twins put in opposition to a pleasant romantic.Therefore erotic flirtation, which is when we first met, should not be anywhere to evaporate.Romanticism - that's what makes the Gemini make expensive and often ill-considered purchase.Additional stimulation - is the phrase: "Honey, you possess a unique gift ... guess the dreams."


We must take more care, for example, to cook his favorite dish, saying, "You see, I care about you", then work back Cancer reflex.You must also constantly interested in his hobbies.Cancer "greedy" if it has a very warm relationship with his mother, because of her, he was used to getting everything for free.Offset by the impact of mothers are likely to help the phrase: "Do not let me twist of your rope ... I know, I have a terrible temper."Verbal codes Raku give confidence that his life no one (except the mother) does not control, and cash flow - safe.At the same time you need to manage to receiving very expensive gift, to express my sincere delight, like the one the girl received a doll of your dreams, then he goes to bed with her throughout the week.Rejoice as a child, kissing cancer from head to toe.Over time, your mood should "get worse" Cancer and find a way to once again "please mom."


to be "not quite" conquered, it creates an incentive for the Lion.Expensive gifts - visible result of its success, a kind of achievement when a woman becomes his decoration and its own status indicator.Therefore, you must carefully monitor their appearance to "diamond" demanded the corresponding rim.Leo need to praise, suggesting that he is the best, smart, beautiful and generous ....By the way, business-savvy Leo works perfectly and in a relationship - probably on a subconscious level, he does not simply bestowed, and invests in a woman.For example, he prefers to give gold ornaments and jewelry with precious stones.This means that he is counting on a long-term relationship.


Unfortunately, the Virgin - the most avid lovers.It is not necessary to voice their greed to boyfriend Deva was not afraid of female ideas and did not go back down ahead of time.Women's mercantile spirit pushes the Virgin, as well as the desire to build an intimate relationship solely on the laws of trade.Select a type of "pull" of funds that suggests your life especially difficult and not thirsty pleasure.Say dreams of a career, to work honestly for wear and funds still is not enough, and that in this cruel reality somehow unlucky not to you, but only bitch and cowardly women ...


Breeding Balance moneyit is, above all, enjoy spending time with him in a restaurant or club.Turn it into something more tangible help Libra natural desire to look beautiful and well maintained.Therefore, we can offer him with a beauty salon or "update his wardrobe."The purpose of shopping should be striving to make more beautiful and without a handsome man ... go to the store, you need to having an idea about the latest trends in men's fashion, including accessories (important!) But then the scales are able to spend large sums of money either by inertia, whether inthanks to the lady who has such wonderful taste.

Scorpio Scorpio does not tolerate competition.You can hint that the stock is still contenders for the role, not the sexual partner and protector.It is important not to overdo it, describing the applicants as good friends, nothing more.The rest will fancy Scorpio.It is necessary to use sex, sex and sex again, to unleash the rich Scorpio on gifts.Moreover, sex should be a passionate and without complexes.Thanks for the gifts you need so that Scorpio felt god.


wealthy man Sagittarius will never regret the money to the woman, whose relationship with his need.Especially on travel.He also does not spend money on themselves.The only thing that can upset, it's fun Sagittarius.For example, a walk in the park, you say that like you would an ice cream.In response to a zero response.When you come to the counter and buy ourselves, behind you heard the phrase: "And I strawberry."Of course, Sagittarius willing to spend money on gifts, but sometimes he needs to feel like a child.


Miserly Knight ... With this type of man is good to save money, not spend it.At economical Capricorn is better to ask for those gifts that match the common interests and goals.For example, he needs rest, then, we need a joint vacation abroad.He knows where to buy things much cheaper, thus, can make a nice gesture and hit you with a lower cost to themselves.Let's just say a polite request to the persistent "us", he reacts better than "me.""Attraction whims and blackmail" - great way to get only the donut hole.

Aquarius Aquarius - orginaly large part of gifts.You can ask him anything you want, within reason of course.But the fact that they can buy something is not something that isif you asked Rose, he can get somewhere blue flowers.It's so original and not standard!You can talk a long time about how you like some sort of a thing, and one day he will present it to you.But for how long you have to wait for this moment, unknown.Therefore, it is better to groan and exclaim in a store, admiring a person do when he saw something interesting.Aquarians can not spoil your mood by refusing, and you get what you want.


This guy may look wealthy, but in fact it "Finance sing songs."The signs of his affection are material only if your pocket allows.Generosity secured Pisces usually depends on the level of love lady claims.The more a woman shows her love and affection, the more he is able to spend.Such generosity is typical for married Pisces, which will eventually start to annoy claims, carping and whims of his wife.Thus, another woman he receives the necessary emotions and understanding.Sympathetic, attentive and caring lover with the skills of the analyst will receive more than infantile selfish or arrogant beauty.

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