You are planning to take out a loan for repairs?

repair today - an expensive event.Sometimes it takes a long time to do it gradually, as the accumulation of funds.The alternative - a loan for repairs, which reduces the time for conversion, and only then pay off the debt, living in a nice and cozy apartment.

Today, banks offer several options for credit decisions for changes in the apartment or house.Almost the same conditions and if necessary repair a car loan.

The easiest way - to take the non-targeted credit.For its design needs a minimum of documents: passport, a copy of the work, an income statement.In some cases (depending on the amount), the bank may require the participation of the guarantor.It does not require collateral and you will not need to report on what you spent money.This variant is expedient to resort in cases where you need not very large sum.But we should remember that the interest on this loan the highest (12 to 18%) and the term of repayment is no more than five years.

Another option - a purpose loan secured by real estate

or a car.This credit for the repair is better to take if you want a large sum.In this case, the percentage would be lower.And to get such a loan easier, because thanks to his pledge you will be given even at low incomes (according to the reference from the employer).However, registration of pledge would require certain costs (appraisal, insurance, registration documents).

And finally, if the required large-scale transformations have to draw the target credit for home renovations.This type of lending is different from the misuse of a much larger sum to the issue and not as high interest rates, as the first two.Making credit target takes a little more time, because you will need to confirm its purpose.

To get it, you need to contact the bank to find a construction company, signed her to a contract to provide the bank the cost estimates.Some banks do not cooperate with all the construction companies, but only with certain (tested).

Depending on conditions, the loan may be issued for the repair of an apartment on bail or without it.In the latter case, the percentage will be higher, but still lower than the unsecured consumer credit.In the case of registration of the pledge will require additional costs for real estate appraisal, your life insurance, notary services.

Before contacting the bank, consider which option will be most advantageous loan for you.If you bought a house in a new building, and to the settlement live in a rented apartment, then, of course, is to hire the services of the bank.If you have a place to live while you are driving the conversion, you can do without a loan.

Do not rush, consider whether or not to go into debt.If no credit is still not enough, take it to the most appropriate conditions.Go around a few banks and ask their conditions, as they can vary significantly.Before signing a contract for a loan (to repair), read slowly with all the points and all the additional contributions, which would have to pay, in addition to the principal (service fee for granting the loan, his early repayment).Some banks do not charge commissions.So you will be able to conclude the most advantageous deal.