By the altar came just three Olsen sisters!

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Friends, family and fashion elite, make changes in your calendars!All three of the Olsen sisters are madly in love, and, according to the publication OK!, 28-year-old sister Mary-Kate and Ashley, and their 25-year-old sister Elizabeth will go to the altar before the end of 2014.

"This is a huge year for the whole family - shared with the publication of an insider. - After Mary-Kate announced that he was going to marry a French officer Olivier Sarkozy (brother of ex-president of France), Elizabeth was surprised by all the newsthe engagement. Now, joined by sister Ashley, shocked family discussing their marriage plans! "

Ashley made headlines on August 3 when the paparazzi spotted as early in the morning she left the apartment in Manhattan, inhabited by 47-year-old Bennett Miller, the film's director "The man who changed everything" (Moneyball).But in fact, a couple has been together since January, when they met in the company of friends in common.Ashley even stood with Bennett at the funeral of his close friend Philip Seymour Hoffman in February this year.But then nobody is paying attention, the reason was obviously not suitable.

"Their relationship is moving at the speed of light," - said the same informant, adding that Ashley, who had several long-term relationship, believes that this time met a truly loved one.- They're talking about marriage.In recognition of Ashley, she wants to spend with him (Bennett) the rest of his life ".

But first market bride leaves her twin sister Mary-Kate. With her partner of 45-year-old Olivier Sarkozy Olsen meets for two years, and in February itgave her a sign of ancient engagement ring Cartier company for 81,000 dollars. "Mary-Kate on top in no hurry to develop their relationship, but eventually Olivier won her heart - says an informant.- Family Olsen initially also hesitated, but then I realized how well the couple gets along, and how happy Olivier does Mary-Kate ".

Lizzy, so at home called Elizabeth, quickly followed the example of older sisters, announcing his engagement to 32-year-old Boyd Holbrook . The young men met in 2012 on the set of the indie film "very good girls", at the same time and tighten their romance. In June, talking about the upcoming wedding, Lizzie let slip that would allow Mary-Kate First select the date of marriage andthat she does not feel stress about such an important day in your life.

way, Mary-Kate and Ashley have created your first wedding dress for her friend and stylist Molly Fishkin, who married in July. Apparently they reconvenea single team to come up with wedding dress for Mary-Kate and Lizzie.

"Knowing sisters, it is safe to say that every aspect of their wedding will be planned to the last detail," - said in the conclusion of an insider.- They are very practical girl ".

Photo Source: WENN