The loan - it is a great opportunity to get what you want

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Many people who want to buy some real estate, such as an apartment, but do not have at the same time large funds seek help from banks.Here they are faced with the question "what is the loan and how it differs from a loan?".

There are several options for bank loans: consumer, corporate, and special needs trust.All these options have their pros and cons, which depend on the specific situation.Loan - a certain amount of money provided by the bank to the customer.This amount will need to be back at the end of that time, which is specified in the contract.Ideally, this banking operation, which differs from the lack of loan interest rates (they are not always required).Among the services provided by the bank, there is a loan against collateral.The key can be real estate, securities, and any other valuable property.This is the least risky option for banks.

Fill in the necessary papers needed according to certain rules.Only after that the bank issues a loan.First you need to fill in the blanks with the questionnaires, where you specify your personal data.Next, you need to prepare all the required documents and write an application for a loan.The customer must provide a passport, a copy of the work book, the men - a military ticket (for those under 27 years old), a document that confirms the registration, and a certificate of income for the last 6 months.

loan - a donation of money or property for temporary use.Therefore, it is correct to compare with the lease rather than a loan, because when you make sure there is a second interest rate.

consumer loans are usually issued retirees or people with low incomes by an average of five years with an interest rate of 14 to 19% (depending on currency).Customers with good credit reputation or those who have payroll card to the bank where the loan is issued, may obtain confidential loan on average is also for five years and with interest rates in rubles and 20%, and in foreign currency - up to 13.5%.You can get it without guarantors and collateral for urgent needs for the period up to five years, but the rate will be a little more: in foreign currency - up to 15%, and in rubles - up to 21%.If there is a guarantee from the guarantor (surety must be a legal entity), it is possible to get a better loan - up to 14% in rubles and 11% in foreign currency.It is issued for three years.Different banks offer different loans and credits, the customer chooses for himself more profitable options.

loan - a kind of financial transaction with a civilian.It is suitable in the case, if you need a large sum for any company or enterprise.Representative account is opened in the bank in which it is taken.The negotiations need to competently communicate in the language of bankers to show and to prove itself as a competent company or firm, and provide business plan.To obtain a loan need a large down payment and a good reputation.

loan - this is a good opportunity to receive cash!