Consumer credit: return ahead of schedule or according to the contract?

lending - a broad and capacious.Some banking products are well publicized and are popular with customers, as they know about other units.This type of loan, as a consumer, is now the most popular and in demand in our country, but despite this, many people still have not learned any right to choose his or properly use it.

problems with these loans tend to arise, after the conclusion of the contract.It would seem clear and simple terms it suddenly turn into an unpleasant surprise for customers of the bank.Whatever did not seem easy consumer credit, return it - is not easy.

terms of consumer credit, its possibilities and drawbacks

What should you look for at the conclusion of the loan agreement?There are several key aspects that need to carefully examine:

  • interest rate.Can it change over the contract, on which it depends;
  • one-time and monthly Commission, their size, the specificity of charge;
  • need for collateral or guarantees.Consumer credit, which will provide the best return is usually more favorable terms;
  • early repayment of debt, the change in monthly payments.How does the cost of borrowing from these aspects.

last point should be studied in more detail.It is here that often occur misunderstandings and problems, because customers are not clearly understand how it is better to pay the loan.If the prepayment of the loan provided the Commission or a fine, it is necessary to weigh the good, whether it is advantageous in principle.The money you have now, you can use a different way, without breaking with the loan agreement.

The same applies to the monthly payments.The most profitable consumer credit - one where the interest is charged on the remaining amount.In this case, not profitable to pay particular specified amount and increase it by yourself.But only if it is stipulated in the contract, and no extra penalty.

Pitfalls in lending in the world: what you should pay special attention to

Consumer credit, the return is guaranteed by more reliable for banking organizations.But he is a guarantor is an additional source of unrest.In case of problems with the repayment of debt obligations fall equally on him.Also, the fact of the guarantee is taken into account when applying for a loan already in itself a guarantor.

hidden commissions and payments - a headache of many customers of financial institutions.Consumer credit Savings Bank or other large banking institutions is simple and understandable terms, but many cases of misunderstanding.For example, after the closing of the agreement is required to take a written confirmation about it in the bank.The client can not specify the amount of the commission, and it will remain as a small debt to the bank, which may eventually develop into a huge debt.Therefore, consumer credit, a refund which you plan to make, it is necessary to examine all sides, specifying all the details and nuances.