Rules for Girls: How to avoid becoming a crazy girlfriend?

Syndrome "crazy girlfriend" - a painful proprietary feelings toward a loved one, a desire to always keep it "under his skirt" and control every step.Men usually run by these girls like fire - so it pays to be defined in advance, do not flash if you have such symptoms.

1. Do not give him the right to privacy.

We understand, I want to spend every minute together.And we know that often you just the same paralyzing fear that he was there, somewhere away from you (for example, at work, in the gym or bowling with friends) find someone better than you.

2. Continuing to run into him.

You do not just throw out the emotions.Close your eyes, count to 20, but then - talk.Put yourself in his place, as a nuisance to you it would be "crazy", right?Therefore, try to keep a low profile, because the words are so easily offended.

3. You start to get nervous, if he does not respond to you on SMSes.

begin to rave, to cheat yourself, kill him the phone ... and just need something to distract on something pleasant and entertaining for you - and she did not notice how you get the answer, and it turns out that he was just in a meeting and did notI could not speak.

4. Do not give in to unfounded suspicions.

Even if some "well-wishers" have seen him in a cafe on the other, do not rush and rush to sort things out.Most likely, all will become clear, and you spoil the relationship, at least - for a while.

5. Do not "loads" himself with thoughts about the future.Try

still live more in the present - without regret for the past and without fear of the future.Only then can you attain inner harmony and peace.To solve problems as they come, love and be happy here and now!

6. Do not throw words.

Needless to say that you can not perform.We have in mind - if you say, 'We'd better get some time not to talk "or" If you once again raise your voice to me, I go to my parents', then be ready to REALLY do it.Otherwise, your words will become for him an empty phrase.

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