The most suitable products for weight loss

We all know the three main whale weight loss.First, you need to have a natural healthy food.Secondly, you should do it on a schedule.Third, you should always know when to stop.And now - more about how all this is organized with the help of suitable products and schedules.

most suitable diet

Very often today we can hear the opinion that weight loss is best to practice fractional power.However, in recent years, nutritionists are increasingly talking about the fact that "break up" the power should not be.First of all, because rarely anyone has the time to ensure that all of these methods were correct and healthy.Then - a few of us can afford the luxury to interrupt work day at 11 o'clock in order to eat a cup of natural soup.Finally, do not teach the body to chew all day.This will inevitably lead to excess weight.

organize the meal should be so.It should be three full meals.Firstly, a full leisurely breakfast - oatmeal or buckwheat cereal, fruit, yogurt or cheese (cottage cheese), a cup of tea or coffee.Lunch must be hot and not "instant noodles" - go to the dining room, cafe, restaurant.On health can not save.Do not take too much fried foods - in fact you are still full of work, so heaviness in the stomach, as well as aggravation of gastritis, to anything.Be sure to make a soup, salad (but not with mayonnaise), fish or poultry, garnish.Dinner should be light.Optimal steamed vegetables, baked fish or poultry.As a snack permitted only fruit, but not salted nuts or sweets.Do not interrupt your appetite!

most suitable beginning of the meal

If your dinner menu there is a salad with cucumber, do not postpone it for later.Nutritionists argue that cucumber - this is the right beginning of the meal.The fact that this fine splits vegetable fats.Also, it is a source of vitamin C, and thus has a very low calorie content.Salad of tomatoes and cucumbers - one of the most beneficial foods.But do not forget that it should be the correct dressing.What? ..

most suitable salad dressing

Experts from the Technical University of Munich and the University of Vienna confirmed that olive oil - is the most appropriate dressing for the salad, if you care about your health and want to lose weight.The fact that the olive oil allows control appetite.

It is known that hunger is often prevent us to live and work, appearing at the wrong time and getting dragged into the mouth the dirtiest kind of chips, nuts and cookies.As a result, we are overweight, heartburn and gastrointestinal disorders, since no one stomach can not stand the "chemistry", which is present in excess of the available bags.

During specially organized experiments revealed that olive oil reduces appetite perfectly.Thanks to its consumption, participants ate 200 calories less per day.This "condensed" portion causes more crowded than in those who did not eat oil.

It's time for us to accept the fact that olive oil (instead of mayonnaise) is the optimal dressing for the salad.But the inhabitants of the Mediterranean has long realized this, and therefore much less likely to be obese (fans of fast food does not count!).

most suitable drink

We all know the most useful drinks: clean drinking water, green and herbal teas, coffee and black tea (for moderate consumption), juices ... By the way, for weight loss (in addition to green tea) experts from Queen's UniversityMargaret offered to pay attention to grenades.As it turned out in the course of the experiment, it is 22 per cent reduces the feeling of hunger.

members of one group for three weeks consumed pomegranate extract, the second group received a placebo.It was found that grenades not only reduces appetite, but also enhances the pleasure of food.

Pomegranate can be consumed in the form of juice.However, pure pomegranate juice (it is too "core") to use is not recommended.It should be diluted with normal drinking water or mixed with carrot and beet juice.

most suitable sweetness

sweet tooth hardly do without dessert.If you strongly want to eat something for the soul, prefer fruit.Their selection is so huge that with proper variety, they never nabyut nauseam.At the same time enjoying the fruits of a very large (unlike confectionery).

Fruit can be eaten not only, so to speak, in its original form, but also to cook low-calorie desserts, squeeze the juice and make salad dressing (eg, orange juice mixed with olive oil).Take the same mandarins ... It's not just a piece of fruit, not just the pleasure of sweet cloves, but the real feast, the scent of childhood, associated with pleasurable anticipation celebrations.Suppose this is not the New Year, but to arrange a holiday is never too late!Rejoice and lose weight!

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