When to go to Thailand for a vacation: reviews

Thailand is beautiful at any time of the year.No scorching sun or pouring rain could not spoil the impression of the mysterious and charming culture of the locals.But information about the weather at a particular time of the year it's better to specify in advance.

It will help to pack up and be ready for any eventuality.When to go to Thailand for a vacation?Try to understand.

Features Thailand

The country has a rich culture and colorful history.Indifferent to this area has neither a vacationer.Selling many of the weather in Thailand.When to go to rest, he knows each employee travel agency.The ideal time is the winter.At this time, the temperature is mild and warm ocean.But in the fall rainy season is undesirable.Vacationers at risk the entire vacation to sit in the walls of the hotel.

No matter what time of year to go to the country, is ready to communicate with the locals.Thai language learning is not necessary.But remember the main phrase in English is desirable.Few Thais are well aware of Russian.Wealthy tourists prefer to hire an interpreter.

Seasons in Thailand

velvet season winter months are considered.When to go to Thailand for a vacation?Away from the bad weather and frost residents of the CIS countries may spend the Christmas holidays.After the end of December is an ideal time for a holiday.At this time there is not too hot.Chance burn in the sun is reduced to zero.For those who want to witness the celebration of the Thai New Year is coming into the country in the spring.At this time, most locals are friendly and happy to accept tourists.The sun becomes brighter.

In the summer months to visit Thailand are solved not all.This time of year the sun dominates everything.In the shadow of the air temperature can reach 50 degrees Celsius.When to go to Thailand for a vacation?At any time, not only in summer.Especially hot here in August.For people who have problems with the cardiovascular system, such rest can be dangerous.

most unpredictable it is time - it is autumn.The weather can all rejoice three months of sunshine.Most Yet it is the rainy season begins in the fall.The air temperature does not drop very low.But to visit the sights in the pouring rain dare not everyone.When to go to Thailand?The ideal time - winter or spring.In summer and autumn visit the country only lovers of extreme tourism.

What else should be considered?

must not forget that the weather is not the main component of a good rest.There are other factors, such as the choice of the resort, hotel, shopping opportunity, the presence of entertainment for children and adults.On one of the last places in this is a climate of Thailand.When and where better to go to Thailand, prompt employees travel agency.Preference is given to companies who work in their field is not the first year.You can also read reviews about the tour operator on the social networks.

Should I own to go to Thailand?This holiday can not afford a man who knows Thai and visited the country several times.The fact that the tour operator thinks all the details - the choice of hotel to have health insurance.Those who decided to rest yourself, all these nuances takes over.When to go to Thailand to relax yourself?Then, when the residence is the least expensive - at the end of the summer.

Which resort to choose?

On the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand is one of the most popular resorts - Pattaya.In the period from November to February is set favorable conditions for family holidays.At this time, rainfall here are quite rare.And the air and water temperature is pleasant for tourists.Pattaya is very popular among young people.It employs a variety of nightclubs and entertainment venues.Many young boys and girls come here just to make a holiday romance.

Phuket Thailand is also famous.When to go to relax?Reviews indicate that a holiday in this region all year round.The special climate allows for a great time in both winter and summer.Most often, tourists come here from November to February.The rainy season on the island is short enough.

Does the season on a variety of accommodation?

Like any other area, tourism is built on the principle of "demand breeds supply."As soon as the increased influx of tourists in Thailand, sharply increases the cost of housing.The most expensive room can be rented in the winter during the Christmas holidays.But in the summer the hotel with elegant conditions will be quite cheap.Although it is possible to economically and also relax velvet period.Tourists are offered a low cost housing options - bungalows and guest houses.

room at the hotel is booked in advance.This can be done through the Internet.In addition, the room rate for booking online will be much lower.For those who want to relax in the winter in Thailand, it is worth considering this hotel in early autumn.Choose the desired number can be difficult.When booking is necessary to specify how many people will come and whether staying children under 5 years.

Beach season

When to go to Thailand for a vacation on the beach?The country lies in the tropics.Therefore, bask in the sun here at any time of the year.But optimal visit the resort in the late fall.The summer sun is too intrusive.Within a few minutes you can get severe burns.The tourist season in Thailand coincides with the beach season.Excellent time here can be from November to April.But the summer is better to stay in the sun in his native country.

summer in Thailand, you can also relax in a healthy way.But it will have to stay in one of the most expensive hotels.It offers guests an indoor swimming pool with comfortable sun loungers.A sightseeing trip will have to plan for the evening.

Season shopping in Thailand

Shopaholics will also find a lot of interesting in a mysterious country.Arriving in Thailand have in the summer.From mid-June to mid-August last season, a grand sales.Take part in it not only shops, but also numerous malls, restaurants, night clubs, beauty salons.This means that you can not just make a cheap purchase, and inexpensive meal or indulge in exotic treatments.Discounts in various institutions can reach 70%.Fans of ambitious sales often stop at Phuket.

in the Thai capital, you can visit the large shopping centers which offer branded products at a discounted price.Some stores when buying goods for a certain amount, you can get a gift.


For those who just want to relax on the beach or visit the interesting sights, the ideal time is winter in Thailand.It should be borne in mind that hotel accommodation is expensive.Summer is perfect for those travelers who are used to save on everything.But autumn is suitable only for lovers of extreme tourism.