How to flush the cooling system of a vehicle

engine cooling system is of particular importance for the car.After all, it provides cooling of the engine due to a special liquid - antifreeze.From time to time the ODS must be washed, but many drivers forget about the importance of this operation.If this is not done in time, the dirt in the radiator will encourage the engine to overheat and increase the flow of antifreeze.In today's article we will see how the cooling system properly wash their hands.

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heatsink especially those that dirt accumulates on it, not only outside but also inside.The role of fat may play elements such as engine oil, rust, but most of the elementary scale.The latter appears in a case instead of antifreeze in the SOD fill ordinary water.With regard to corrosion, such a phenomenon is a rarity, as most of the radiators are made of copper and aluminum.The presence of rust indicates poor quality of the assembly parts.

How to flush the cooling system of the car?The process of preparing

First we need to open the valve and drain the SOD antifreeze.Further, the system is filled with distilled water with the additive descaling (marketed as such in the automotive and hardware stores).The whole point of the cleaning process is as follows.After hitting a mixture of water with an additive scale when the engine is destroyed.Further, dust particles together with the liquid poured out.Most often, such a mixture after washing is very muddy and often yellowish-green tint.

Before you flush the cooling system (serum or additive - does not matter), you need to remember that the whole process is carried out in 3 stages.First the washing of the radiator, then the engine and after - heating cooler.We examine all items separately.

How to flush the cooling system?Descaling the radiator

First we need to drain the coolant (coolant) from the system and dismantle the pipeline.To do this, remove the hose from the radiator base and the top of the tank.How to flush the cooling system further?To wash was effective, it is necessary that the pressure was good.Therefore, radiator hose insert garden hose.Under the pressure of the water, he will wash the inside of the element.Wash necessary as long as the bottom of the sink stops go dirty water.

now clean parts near the engine.How to flush the cooling system VAZ?For this we need a high water pressure and the same garden hose.Last inserted into the outlet of the thermostat.The process is similar to the previous case, and lasts as long as the down will not start flowing clean water, free from dirt and deposits.

Shoe heating cooler

Before you flush the cooling system, we have to open the heating valve and remove all hoses from the stove.One opened insert fittings Wash garden hose and turn the pressure.The whole process lasts as long as the second fitting starts to go clean water.

Terms and drain coolant Bay

To wash parts SOD really produced results, you must know the rules of the bay and drain the coolant.In total there are several.Firstly, the antifreeze is poured and drained only after full cooling of the engine.Secondly, before rinsing is necessary to check the surge tank.It should be open.And thirdly, it is necessary to adhere to safety regulations.Since the additives are highly abrasive chemicals work with them only in rubber mittens, in order not to damage the skin.

recommendations when draining antifreeze

To drain the coolant can be raised up the front of the car, but the liquid can safely remove and horizontal position of the body.When removing the terminal can retrieve only "mass", that is "-".On cars with the 2111 opening of the cylinder plug have to unscrew the ignition module.Vases 2110 and 2112, and the cork is opened without any action on the ignition.Before you flush the cooling system, "Lanos" and other types of passenger cars should be checked for the level of heat engine.Remember that drain antifreeze in any case it should not be made "on a hot".

Next, remove the fuel tank and put a container under the engine, in which the liquid will flow.Then gets out drain plug with a mixture of the cylinder.

When the main part of the liquid flow stops, unscrew the radiator cap at the bottom.Under this part, too, need to put a drain tank.At the end of all operations necessary to again tighten all plugs on the car.

Bay antifreeze

After all the deposits on the walls of the SOD solution and will come out with distilled water to the outside, you should re-fill in new antifreeze.To avoid air pockets Bay process must be done as follows.For carburetor ICE need to loosen the clamp and remove the hose that leads to the nozzle heating carburetor.If this injection vehicles, it is necessary to remove the hose nozzle heating pipe reactor.After that, the new antifreeze is poured into the expansion tank and evenly distributed throughout the system.This plug at the bottom should be closed.

As topping antifreeze is recommended to make small stops.This is in order.that the liquid filling all taps in the system.If the level of antifreeze in the expansion tank is a long time on the same level, it means that the ODS is completely filled with antifreeze.Then all hoses are mounted back.The lid of the expansion tank while only half twists.This is necessary to ensure that the system does not form large pressure.If you tighten the lid completely, the next time it will be very difficult to unscrew, as antifreeze air expands and affects all parts of ODS, including at the nipples.If the latter were poorly clamped clamp, they can escape.Further movement of the car in this case impossible.Therefore, always screw the lid half.

After a few minutes of the engine after the Gulf of new antifreeze should unscrew the cap and re-look at the level of the coolant.Most often it is reduced, so you have to refill to normal levels.

How to get rid of the airlock?

from time to time in the engine system may form air pockets that prevent proper cooling of the motor.The easiest way to resolve this problem - call the front part of the machine on the rack and let stand for it at an angle of a few minutes in an institution state.It is recommended "podgazovyvat" pedal to the engine worked at different speeds.But not always such a method is effective.If this method does not help, you need to perform the following operations:

  1. Remove the tube from the throttle assembly, which leads to the reverse flow of coolant.
  2. Fill antifreeze in the tank.At that time, he has to go out of the socket.If so, then stop up the nozzle and wait until the liquid flows from the hose.When the coolant did not go, start the engine and plug nipple with his finger.
  3. wait for the moment when the antifreeze appears hose throttle knot.
  4. Close fitting.Then keep it up as long as the flow of the coolant hose.
  5. Tighten the fitting and tighten the mounting clamp.
  6. Start engine and heat it to an operating temperature of 90 degrees.
  7. Turn heater.If the room went hot air flow problem with the airlock persists.

Then we can only set back the throttle pipe cooling unit and check the coolant level in the reservoir and, if necessary to bring it up to standards.On this question of "how to wash the engine cooling system with their own hands" can be considered closed.Finally, we note that in the event of a critical rise in temperature the engine should immediately turn off the machine, in order to prevent overheating of the engine.The most common cause of this is the airing of or insufficient amount of antifreeze.

Conclusion So, we figured out how to flush the cooling system."Priora VAZ" and many other passenger cars are repaired in this way.The use of special anti-scale additive and distilled water are the best means to remove unnecessary deposits on the walls of SOD.