How to check payable to going abroad and stay at home

Daily abroad leaves a huge number of Russians.The objectives are different: excursions, trips, visits to relatives.Against the backdrop of tightened recently to collect debts bailiffs many of those leaving are concerned about how to verify the debt before traveling abroad.

Probable Causes restrictions

There are many reasons that can not be allowed to travel abroad.Check if this is carried out directly at the customs office of internal database.

banned from traveling abroad following categories of citizens:

  • Individuals who are on duty have access to state secrets.It is important to remember that the travel ban is maintained for several years after his dismissal.All terms and conditions prescribed in the employment contract.
  • Persons who are in the military or alternative service.
  • suspects and defendants in criminal cases before the sentencing court.
  • Convicted before the expiration of the conditional sentence or to release.

such persons a bit, they usually know that they travel abroad is prohibited.Much more those whose mobility is limited because of the presence of their outstanding financial obligations.It is important for them to know how to check payable to traveling abroad.

limiting mechanism departure

Theoretically, each debtor without any checks aware of the ban on travel abroad.Limiting mechanism discussed below.

first court to sue for recovery of debt.After his meeting issued a writ of execution on the basis of which the bailiffs put the debtor for payment of debt.However, it does not always reach the addressee, because the debtor may change their place of residence.

important to remember that travel abroad may be limited, if payment of the following types of payments:

  • taxes;
  • penalties, including traffic police;
  • alimony;
  • loan payments.

When planning trips you can not worry only to those who are completely free of such obligations.Others may simply not be aware of a debt.

However, in any case, uncollected funds in payment of the debt officers checked by the migration service information about the availability of the passport of the debtor.After this information is transferred to the non-payment of the debt management of border controls.The debtor is informed that his travel abroad is restricted.Even if the address of a citizen of such information have been reported not to get into trouble, it is important to check for your name in the list of debtors.

Steps to verify

Those who think about how to verify the debt before traveling abroad, it may be advisable to do so online on the official website of the Marshals Service, see information on the availability of debt.However, it is important to remember that the information on the site can be updated with a delay.More detailed information can be requested in person at the site of bailiffs at his residence.

If for traveling listed debt, pay it off as soon as possible.On the border of receipt does not help - will have to wait for the removal from the list of debtors.This usually takes about three weeks.Therefore, when planning travel abroad, must pay off the debt in advance.Many

looking for information on how to verify the debt before traveling abroad, know that it is possible to bypass restrictions.However it is better to pay all payments on time.