Hermeneutics - the art of interpretation of the texts

Hermeneutics - a methodology and interpretation of art texts.This trend in philosophy emerged in the twentieth century.Hermeneutics is based on the theory of interpretation of literary texts.

basic models

1. The position of the character displayed on the forefront.In this model, the task of the author - to show the character from all sides.There are two options: the text of the common embedded meanings inherent in the described age or product has the intrinsic value of the semantic grid that emphasizes the author.

2. In the foreground displays the author's position.In this model, the author discusses and analyzes is constantly considering its semantic hierarchy.The character he needs to convey to the reader his point of view or vision.

3. Position the reader is dominant.In this model, the semantic field of the text focuses on the reader.Selection of character and submission made to the tastes of the reader, his preferences and level of intellect.

Thus, hermeneutics - is multi-dimensional system the ratio of the character, his delivery, perception and understanding.A hermeneutic circle enables identification and qualitative performance of key relationships and levels of these relationships.

Hermeneutics Gadamer

term "hermeneutics" in terms of Gadamer is based on a critical assessment of the traditions of European rationalism in its quest to develop the foundation of Greek thought expressed by such terms as "nous" and "logos"."Nous" begins a series of reflections on the centuries-old relationship of thought and being.Such thinking gave the foundation of modern science even more than methodological texts.The "logo" brings together all areas of thinking that involves the study of numbers, ratios and proportions, and is credited to the world certain properties logo.

to Gadamer's hermeneutics - a method of consent.For a long time the main purpose of this philosophical trend was to reach an agreement or its recovery.To understand the mysterious dialogue is important not to shower each other, and their involvement in the general sense.

method of hermeneutics

VN Druzhinin, analyzing the hermeneutical method in the interpretation of Gadamer, Demer, Dilthey and others, concluded that understanding is used when it is necessary to study the non-natural unique object, and get a result of itsassessment.

Each work of art is a professional psychologist sees its creator and its value-semantic sphere.Whether it's the score, text, music or painting of the artist, there is a great desire to understand not only universally valid formula, but also penetrate into the semantic world of the author.Hermeneutics - this is the direction that is looking for the key to this understanding.Shleermaher, who is the founder of the hermeneutic direction, put forward the basic purpose of the method - the transition from his own thoughts to those who want to bring writers.He shared the interpretation of the text into two categories: psychological and philosophical understanding.