Anthropocentrism - a concept in which a person seems to center of the universe

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Anthropocentrism - this idealistic doctrine that man is the center of the universe.In addition, a person's name is the aim of all the events taking place in the world.This philosophical view is based on a delusion, formulated by the Greek philosopher Protagoras, and stating that "the individual is the measure of all things."

Anthropocentrism - is opposed to the human phenomenon to all other existing events.This principle is the basis of a specific relationship to nature, when the most important concept is considered the concept of consumption.This doctrine was designed to meet strict operation of various life forms, and in some cases their total destruction.Nevertheless, it is believed that humanism and anthropocentrism are sober look at the methods and objects of human knowledge.

should also be noted that the history of the search term spans a considerable period.However, the greatest flourishing was observed in the Middle Ages, when it was considered the main religion of Christianity.Everything here is built around the person.The modern concept of "anthropocentrism" - is an integral feature of human nature.Each individual manifests itself in everything, whatever he was doing.Way of thinking, the system of perception and understanding of what is happening in the outside world - all strictly individually and based on this view.

term "humanist anthropocentrism" is considered the most important characteristic of the Renaissance.The opposition of the Middle Ages when the place was occupied by the main religion, the above period of focused attention thinkers on the problem of human existence, the sense of his stay in this world.

Nevertheless, there are some differences depending on the field of activity.According to social cognition, anthropocentrism - is opposed to sociology.It is stressed that the desired concept expresses not only the independence of the individual, but also his freedom of choice, as well as taking responsibility for the crimes they deeds.At the same time, since man is the pinnacle of creation, and his commitment - the largest.

In the political sphere of activity the concept of "anthropocentrism" sufficiently implemented the principle of liberalism.Thus, it recognizes the priority of personal interests of each to the needs and the needs of any community.In this regard, a similar way of thinking is alien to meet stringent social attitudes, as well as large-scale social engineering, as all subordinates the interests of the individual presentation of the project, therefore, man becomes a component of a part of the system, one of its "cogs".

Thus, although the doctrine of anthropocentrism is unscientific, but clearly outlines the boundaries of the impact of government on the life of every individual, and establishes certain requirements that describe the transformation of proportionality person representing the society.