Benefits for pensioners on transportation tax

transport tax - namely benefits to pensioners on transportation tax - introduced in the Russian Federation on the territory of all subjects.At the same time this right is transferred to regional authorities, they also set the tax rate, which then comes to the regional budget.

the Tax Code of the Russian Federation in this case establishes only the tax incentives with the terms and procedure for payment of taxes.Thus, throughout the country there is a single transport tax and benefits provided for retirees in the manner described below.

benefits to pensioners under the transport tax (but it may not necessarily be people of retirement age) are available only:

- Heroes of the Russian Federation, the Hero of the Soviet Union, Commander of the Order of Glory degree of 1 to 3, the heroes of socialist labor, public associations ofthese representatives.The data association must use means of transport that are, in fact, will extend the transport tax, and yet not be issued before the benefits for retirees

under the transport tax;

- citizens of the Russian Federation who were exposed to radiation on the body.This can be either the liquidators of consequences of accidents at nuclear power plants or atomic weapons test participants, or just victims of radiation on someone's fault.This was stated in a specific law on social protection of such people;

- citizens who are disabled and in this case the owners of motorcycles and passenger cars with engine capacity of up to 73 kilowatts and 55 to 100 horsepower;

- spouses of military and Interior Ministry officials who died while performing their duties;

- also for benefits has the right to one of the parents of many children in the family.

If a pensioner falling under the preferential selection criteria, has several vehicles at their disposal, benefits to pensioners on transportation tax do not apply to all of these tools, but only one of them.For some it means - to decide the citizen himself.

for benefits under the transport tax citizen must file a tax authority an application to receive them, and the enclosing or identity of the hero, or evidence that he is the liquidator of the Chernobyl accident, or a certificate of disability (certificate MSEK).

If the right to benefits for pensioners on transportation tax has appeared during the tax period (for example, a citizen received a disability during the course of the tax period), then the calculation of the amount it will pay, calculated the percentage depending on how long agocitizen has a right.

Tax benefits for pensioners are available not only for the transportation tax.These may include:

1. About privileges on property tax.Persons who served in the Interior Ministry and receiving service pension are exempt from this tax.They themselves must submit an application and all necessary documents to the appropriate state agency.Recalculation (of course, if this is required) at the same time produced no more than 3 years.That is, if a citizen has become eligible to benefit 5 years ago, but only now addressed - 2 years will be gone.

2. On the benefits of income tax received.Exemptions from income tax for senior citizens to persons engaged in any business activities and as a result of receiving this income.If any conditions citizen can do to get rid of tax, and in some - just to reduce the number of contributions to the regional budget.

So if you have something to receive less, take the time to go to the appropriate authorities and to issue payments.