Determine your tax debts on VAT

In our country, there was a well-regulated tax system.Furthermore, tax revenues are the main source of income for the state budget of all levels.Accordingly, the inspection to the scrupulous monitoring the timeliness of payment of obligatory payments and, in the case of education debt, start the procedure for enforcement.That is why it is so important to monitor the formation of their own own tax debts in a timely manner and to extinguish them.

Currently, the Federal Tax Service on a regular basis are developed all sorts of innovations that enable easier and as comfortable as possible for the taxpayer's process of interaction with the tax authorities.Answers to most of the questions of interest to ordinary people, now can be quickly found on the official website of the service, without wasting time in long queues in the territorial offices.For example, using the Internet resource tax service its debt in the region can be found on the tax on VAT.
To start to define what the TIN and where it can take.Abbreviation Inn stands as follows: - individual taxpayer identification number.In our country, it is assigned to each taxpayer is required to obtain.In order to have a VAT number, you must apply to the inspection of the place of registration and fill out the required form.VAT will be issued in the form of a certificate, stamped and signed by the head of the inspection.For the first time evidence of TIN individuals receive absolutely free of charge.In case of loss of the document, its restoration will be required to pay a certain amount of the state fee.

So back to the question of how to determine your tax debts on VAT.The easiest way - to turn to the information online - resource management tax services in your region.In it we find the tab "Individuals".We click on it and look for a link that lets you know your tax debts on VAT.Office of the different territorial units make out them on their sites differently.For example, in the Perm region in the left part of the window there is a link "Personal account of the taxpayer", and in the Rostov region, on the right - "Know your debt."The meaning of these references is similar to the operation.In the resulting window will be enough to enter your VAT number and personal data - name, first name and patronymic.Then in the window that appears will affect the amount of debt on taxes, if any.Here you can also get acquainted with the contacts of the tax inspection, including where you are registered as a taxpayer.

So, if you do not agree with arrears on tax payments, you will be able to apply to their inspection or by e-mail or by phone, or by going in person.In any case, the tax inspector will prepare a full response to all the questions and provide a receipt for repayment of existing debt.
If there is no access to the Internet or there is a desire on the spot to solve all the issues, you can immediately apply to the inspection in person or on the phone.Tax inspectors carry out their duties in a similar manner.The only thing to remember is that the specialists much more quickly gather all the necessary information about the taxpayer, provided that in the first place they will be known for his inn.Therefore, the combination of these figures is still worth knowing when contacting the tax office.

So now you know how to find out the debt on VAT.This procedure is quite long and laborious.Therefore, most preferably still take a few minutes to find out your tax debts on VAT than to learn of its existence much later, by receiving a message about it from the bailiffs and magistrates.