How do I know the current account card "Savings" ?Where to watch the current account bank card "Savings" ?

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for quite some necessary operations by cards, including by means of a credit card "Savings" need to find out the personal account.It may be necessary when there is a need to make some payment transactions, for example, to send money to anyone or to receive money on his own account from another person.At the same person who will transfer the money, can not do without knowing your current account

If you do not guess, where you can learn about the current account card - do not despair!There are several ways to help you get all the required information and complete the necessary operation.As the account number is confidential views of data that can be accessed by only one card holder, you just learn it without any of the required details impossible.Despite this, it is easy to learn computer code, if you have some data.In addition, this procedure can be performed completely different ways depending on the situation and the opportunities that you have at the moment.How do I know the current account card "Savings Bank", consider the following.

Envelope with card

Issuance of credit card customers, "Savings Bank" takes place in a special envelope, which has the official logo of the company.Print it, you can find a pin code.Your current account bank card "Savings" is shown on this envelope.In that case, if the envelope is preserved and have the opportunity to take it, then find the necessary number is not difficult.

by itself will be written on the front of the envelope, namely in the space provided below of the field, where the name and the owner's name.If we assume it will be the third graph from the top.Your checking account is made up of 20 digits.


In the event that the envelope has been lost or there is no way to reach it, but you do have some other details, you can call the head office of "Savings Bank", dial 8800555 55 50.Calls on Russia to this number are carried out absolutely free, even from a mobile phone, and you can call around the clock.Dial this number - and will tell you how to find out the current account card "Savings".

happens in the following way: you will be greeted by a robot - listen to all the information and follow the instructions.Soon to serve you relieve the operator "Savings Bank", which should report on what interests you and what problem arose.The operator will ask for some evidence that the card actually belongs to you, you'll have to call the name of the operator who owns the card, its number and a secret word that is specified when you fill out the necessary application for the purchase of the card.

secret word should be pronounced very clearly, it is better to spell, to avoid misunderstandings and errors.If you would call it right, the system is required to confirm your data, and the operator will tell you the current account card.If you have provided any false information, or have forgotten the secret word, the operator fails to provide assistance and did not report the number of covenant.In this case, the employee works perfectly legitimate, as the main rule of any bank - is the preservation of confidentiality.

Bank branch and ATMs

If you do not remember the secret word or do not have the envelope, which received the card, do not despair.There are a few ways how to find out the current account card "Savings".Quite easily, you can find the necessary number if a personal visit to one of the branches of the bank.In order to provide the necessary information you will require a document that confirms the identity and the card itself.Go to the bank and the operator to present a card and passport, after which the employee is required to tell you your account.

You can just walk to the nearest ATM and anyone you know your account there.When making absolutely any transaction at an ATM on the screen always shows the number of the account from which you will take the alleged actions.This number is the account.

Providing services through the Internet

If you subscribe to the "Mobile bank" and you have access to the Internet, you can find the account number in seconds.To do this, go to a specialized resource.To log you should get a number and a password with which will take place on the site identification "Sberbank-line."Current account card you will see when you log in to the opened tab.Get the details of the data can be through phone or any ATM.

documents resulting from payment card

without operator assistance "Savings Bank" (and without visiting a bank branch) can also be found on the current account.Dig in the documents, for sure you can find any receipt to conduct payment through your bank card.If found, you're in luck.Below you can see your receipt dvadtsatiznachny checking account, which is required to be listed there.


If you have not kept the receipt of payment by card "Savings", but remained, for example, the contract for opening an account of a bank card, you should get it, because on the other sideyour document in the details you can find account number card "Savings".

As can be seen from this review, there are a number of ways of how to find a current account card "Savings".However, such important information best kept stored in a mobile phone or notebook, you normally carry.Of course, remember dvadtsatiznachny number is almost impossible, so it should be at least a record and to have at hand, because this information may be completely at any time.And you can not always remember the secret word, go online or watch a contract with the "Savings Bank".