How to check the card Visa?

In modern conditions is actively growing rate of production of various goods.In addition, each day more and more companies provide a set of services.Therefore, there is nothing strange in the fact that payment systems are constantly being improved.Banking institutions offer their customers a variety of options for the storage of cash, as well as methods of payment for purchased products and services.This is what will be discussed in this review.

Popularity payment system Visa

To date, this payment system is located on the leading position among all other similar systems.You can make a payment product, having a credit card Visa.Russia, CIS, Europe and so on. D. - This number can be useful almost anywhere in the world.This card, in addition to ATM, is also used when performing trade operations, even in the online sphere.Popular types of cards as plastic and virtual.

What types of cards exist today?

that today can be done with the card number Visa?Sberbank and other financial and credit institutions offer a large number of services.But much will depend on what type of card is available.It should be a closer look at the main varieties of such cards.

  1. VisaElectron.This type of card is by far one of the easiest.In most cases, the card number is neembossirovannym VisaElectron.In other words, it simply does not squeezed on the part of the card that is face.Also of note is the fact that the card has restrictions on the provision of the possible amount of money.In addition, it does not have the necessary level of security.
  2. VisaClassic.It has a wide range of functions.It is standard for the majority of payment cards.Using it does not take much to pay for a variety of goods and services.In this case, the number is embossed Visa cards.
  3. VisaGold able to provide a higher limit cash.In addition, it is able to provide its owner with a wide range of different possibilities.If you lose the card owner can count on her special reissue of banking institutions.

set of cards is quite wide and varied

It should also be emphasized that there are enough large set of cards that are considered elite.There are even cards that can be obtained is not at all banks.Furthermore, they can be produced in limited quantities.

Today, very popular are beginning to use virtual cards.They are required to conduct online transactions.

For what purposes may need a credit card?

Why do we need the card number Visa?What kind of information he currently holds?These questions are asked often, especially inquisitive people.But we should highlight this issue in more detail.Those data are stored in the card number, have technical character.In addition, it can be said that most of this information to anyone not a secret.

Digital cipher Visa card allows the reading of certain information.Its necessity arises from the use of numerical codes, which are currently used by banking institutions to obtain specific data.It is understood that, when it was created, this payment system, the machine is basically were read numeric codes.Word began to read them later.

But do not take this as a method of reading out of date.Many professionals recognize that it is the most convenient method by which you can specify the customer number.The thing is that the digital codes can be much more than people.For example, Ivanov Ivanov, having card Visa, may be a large number.But Ivan Ivanov with the card that has the number 1232 5577 9999 0000 - just one.Another card, created for a man with the same first and last name will be borne entirely different information.This feature plays an important role in the accomplishment of purchases over the Internet.

What could be the number?

worth a closer look at the question of what is hidden under the number.For example, in front of you is a kind of card that belongs to a particular person.Where is the card number Visa?He knocked on the part that is the front - namely next to the name and surname of the owner.The number can not only be knocked out, but written by the coloring agents.

believed that the embossed number safest and most versatile.With the card with this number, you can get the money in the old ATMs.They are simply not able to connect to the network and the analysis of non-magnetic or electronic code.But the information from cards with embossed characters they read fairly easily.

what lies beneath is the first six numbers?

Visa card number is usually 16 digits.They are grouped in four.The group needed more for aesthetics than to perform any functionality.Furthermore, it should be noted that only a single sense is hidden in the first six digits.

Under them hidden bank identifier.It's such a designation, a certain number of the bank, who was involved in the release of the card.This group also includes figures that indicate the number of a particular system.Because of these numbers the card can not make the payment of certain purchases in certain stores, and can not work in those countries that do not have registered a credit card Visa.Example: Problems might arise when operations in foreign online stores, or when binding to the card account system PayPlay.

information that is encoded in the next eight digits

next eight numbers hide under a number of the account to which you bound.Since it takes withdrawals for the accomplishment of purchases and that it takes charge of cash.This group numbers can be encrypted with the currency type, place of manufacture and the type of card.When these numbers are checking the numbers.With their help, checked that the card after that enables or disables the execution of operations.

Additional code needed to pay for virtual services

But it's not all the numbers by which the information is read.There are three numbers that can be seen on the back of the card.The need for these figures arises only when you want to payment transactions via the Internet.These numbers are called CVV (CV2).

All these rooms are a quite important.Knowing the meaning of them, we can understand that they have a large enough value to fraudsters.Therefore, do not make payments in those systems, which are unknown to the attackers have not answered the question of how to find the card number Visa.In addition, you should check the certificate of the site on which the payment of the services or products.In some browsers, for certification of the resource can be found through an icon that appears in the address bar - namely, in the left part.

Worth wish you success in making purchases on the Internet and in everyday life.Use at the same time one of the most secure payment system Visa.