In what bank the maximum percentage of deposits?

What a way to deposit money is the most popular?The answer is quite prosaic: the opening of a deposit account in the bank.It is no secret that most people want to get the maximum interest on deposits.The main thing - not only to preserve savings.It would be nice also to multiply available.

What types of deposits there

The variety of banking products can be easily confused.After all, today there are many types of deposits.Each of them is different in several ways:

  • terms of the contract;
  • interest rate;
  • the possibility of a partial withdrawal and depositing funds;
  • presence monthly capitalization;
  • currency deposit;
  • possibility of early closure.

All contributions are divided into several large species that have become popular.

  • Ruble.The most intuitive type of deposit.
  • Currency accounts.
  • Depersonalized metal contribution.The most risky way to make a profit.

maximum interest rates on deposits charged to the accounts opened in the long term.

Depersonalized metal contribution

Not all banks are working with precious metals.Hegemony in this area is considered to Sberbank, which proposes to place funds in gold bullion.Profit depends on the rate of gold on the world market.This method is more risky because you can either get a good profit or lose the money.The greatest effect is achieved when placing funds for the long term.

Currency accounts

Against the background of the exchange rate jumps many are interested in the question: "What are the interest rates on deposits in foreign currency notes?" Most banks gladly offer it to customers to open an account currency.The maximum percentage of foreign currency deposits does not exceed 3% per annum.Worth noting that the Savings Bank, unlike the others, does not offer a calculation of interests.Income is calculated by the exchange rate.It is important to consider that the sale price and the purchase money currency bank differ significantly.Due to the better to open an account for the long term.Maximum interest on deposits can be obtained by opening a multi-currency account.Money in this case do not lose in value.That is no dependence on the exchange rate.

ruble deposits

Perhaps the most common type of contribution.Every citizen of Russia somehow came across them.The lowest interest rate on deposits "on demand".Note that at this rate it will pay income in case of early closure of the remaining species account.

They in turn are divided into different types of:

  • initial contribution;
  • opportunity to deposit funds during the term;
  • the possibility of a partial withdrawal of accrued interest;
  • term of the contract;
  • presence capitalization.

most favorable ruble deposits at interest.The maximum rate provides a considerable profit.

selected bank

most difficult choice - is to choose the right type of deposit in a safe bank.Today there is a wide range of financial institutions, which attract funds from the public.Most of them are involved in deposit insurance.This guarantees a refund in cases of force majeure.The maximum size of the contribution should not exceed 700 thousand rubles.

be trusted their savings to larger banks.While small private institutions offering maximum percentage of contribution to the bank.Let's look at the most advantageous offer.

review banks

1. Sberbank is ready to receive funds from the public not only in rubles.There are currency and metal accounts.In this line of foreign currency deposits is very wide.The Bank covers all sectors of the population, giving each deposit choose according to their needs.While the rates are not as high, but there is a possibility to choose the most appropriate version of the bill.

2. VTB24 keeps up with Sberbank.Terms and Conditions about the same.However, interest rates on foreign currency accounts above.Each client will find a suitable type of deposit.

3. Gazprombank is not such a wide selection of products.Only 6 types of deposits, but the interest rate on them is slightly higher than the above-mentioned institutions.Maximum interest on deposits is equal to 7.

4. Agricultural Bank imposes more stringent conditions for opening an account.The profit is calculated only at the end of the contract, there is no way to replenish.Although rates are much higher as compared with other state banks.They can reach 10.2%.

5. «Bank of Moscow" is not replete with a variety of contributions, but it boasts a flexible approach to customers.It is worth noting that to open an account is profitable for those who have a large sum of money.

6. «Russian Standard", due to its proposals not behind Sberbank and VTB24.The depositor will deposit here that will satisfy its requirements.Maximum interest on deposits is equal to 10-12.However, no capitalization, and more stringent conditions for the client.

7. «Home Credit" is also able to take his place in the rating of banks that offer high yield investments.Term of concluding the contract - at least a year.There is a possibility of capitalization, partial withdrawal and replenishment.The Bank is ideal for most people.The rate may reach 12 per cent per annum.

How to choose the deposit

When choosing a deposit is necessary to study carefully all the conditions accrual income.For example, two identical terms and rates bills most advantageous is the one which provides for monthly capitalization.Capitalization - a calculation of interest not only to the initial amount of the contribution.In this case, the income is accrued on the paid interest and an additional deposit.This is very beneficial for all customers.

For the convenience of customers, many banks have put all the proposals on the websites where you can not only get acquainted with the conditions, but also about calculate deposit profitability.Deposits with replenishment suitable for those who have decided to open an account in the short term.It also is desirable that the cap has been percent.The more the capitalization happens, the better the client.If the choice is made, you should immediately contact the institution, as the bank has the discretion to amend the terms.However, to conclude an agreement is not covered.

Today the classic conditions of the deposit is the most advantageous.These conditions include a great rate without the possibility of depositing and withdrawing funds.At the same time the client needs to forget about the existence of savings on pre-specified period of time.

good conditions of opening an account can be obtained during seasonal stocks, which in recent years more and more.These shares are held before the holidays.Such contributions in most cases short-term.The total contract period does not exceed three years.


Banking institution influenced by the economy as a whole.And with the latest developments in this field, many investors are concerned.The central bank began a massive review of all organizations in the presence of accreditation by the Agency for Deposit Insurance.If such a document is not a bank, the central bank will soon withdraw the license.Funds are kept in the bank, yet the owners return, but it will take some time.

To avoid this, you should carefully examine all documents of the bank, or to consult with a lawyer.In addition, we should not give in to the first impulse to open an account for a high percentage.Important: a stable and reliable banks do not offer exorbitant interest on the deposit.