BIC: what is formed and where it can be found?

If you at least once faced with the need to fill out any payment documents of a bank, then you certainly had to fill in a field in which you need to specify the appropriate BIC bank.This prop is listed as mandatory for all credit institutions and states in the implementation of remittance of payment orders, letters of credit and so on.. In most countries each established bank is assigned a unique BIC.What is it, and how the forms, you will learn by reading this article.

BIC: Who assigns and for what purpose

Stands abbreviation props as "bank identification code" - it allows the organization to identify the territorial jurisdiction, as well as information about the time of its creation.Thus, knowing the BIC bank, you can find out which is the subject of the federation, and when it was opened.

for the registration of all bank identification codes of the main responsible bank in the country - the Central Bank of Russia.He's on a regular basis is a classifier Bykov of Russia.Not less than the monthly Central Bank updates the information on these props, which is stored in a special directory.The order of reference, as well as the structure of the NIR, identified Regulations CBR number 225P of 2003.

structure Bika: detailed parse

Let's take a closer look, what it consists of BIC.What is the unique identifier, and how it is formed for each credit institution.The first thing to say that a permanent feature of the props is the number of digits (or rather, bits), which is always 9. That it is possible to determine which is the territory of a bank and the specific unit (office), which is engaged in settlement-kassovym customer service.

value bits Bika

recited BIC is always left to right.Consider what each digit in the aggregate numbers of bank identification code:

  1. first two digits (bits 1-2) - point to a bank belonging to a particular state (country of registration).BIC Russian banks always starts with the digits "04".
  2. second two numbers (3-4 digits) - Russian territory code assigned according to the National Classification (OKATO) shared objects of administrative-territorial basis.This code indicates the subject of RF, where the bank is registered.If a credit institution located outside of Russia, it is set to "00".
  3. third two digits (bits 5-6) - code number under which the specific banking division operates in the settlement network of the Central Bank.Is changed from "00" to "99".
  4. last three digits (7-9 digits) - the number of the credit institution (or its affiliate) in the division of the Bank of Russia, which opened its correspondent account.It can take values ​​from "050" to "999".For cash settlement centers of Bank of Russia for these bits (7, 8, 9) is assigned the number "000".For the main settlement center - "001".For all other units of the Bank of Russia settlement network - "002".

Thus, bank identification code of each credit institution is unique and does not match with the relevant details of other banks.

BIC Bank of Sberbank of Russia on an example

Let's look at an example of how it is formed props.Most often our citizens are interested in the BIC bank "Sberbank of Russia".It shall consider.Let this be the main branch located in Moscow.His BIC - 044525225 where:

  • 04 - code of Russia;
  • 45 - the code of Moscow;
  • 25 - the number of the branch;
  • 225 - conditioned room KO OU settlement network CBR.(It is important to note that this number must necessarily coincide with the last three digits of the correspondent account of the client.)

Where and how can I get information about the BIC

If you fill in the documents needed BIC of the bank, to find him notdifficult.Firstly, the props must necessarily be located on the site of the credit institution.To do this, there is a corresponding section - "Details" to which access is open to all.Secondly, these details of all Russian banks are on the official website of the Central Bank.This information can be found in the section "Information on credit organizations", selecting "Directory" and browse your bank.

When we need a BIC bank?

How useful BIC?What is the code (in addition to the informant about the territorial jurisdiction of a credit institution) for bank customers?This is a required props required for all non-cash payments, as well as any of the transfer / receipt of funds and make payments.Without it, fill out payment documents fail.

Thus, we have considered all the basic information relating to such an important bank details as BIC.Now you should have no difficulties in completing the documents if you run into a field where you want to enter your bank's BIC.