How do I get a guy in love with you?

Love - a wonderful feeling, especially when it is reciprocal.Butterflies in my stomach, thinking clouds life playing with new colors - and everything is fine.But it happens that the senses are unanswered, and an object of sympathy does not pay the slightest attention to the languid look.What a guy in love with?Is there some kind of a miracle remedy for such purposes?Let's look at this issue.

Men love eyes

So, looks - this is a sure chance to draw attention to themselves and make a lasting impression.And what about the data?Well, if everything is in order.As they say, there are no ugly women, there are well-groomed.Here, it should work.How long have you been a cosmetologist or nail polish?Draws attention as a woman coming out of the cabin, turn almost all the passers-by?And it's not just a new hairstyle or make-up, the bottom line of the lady.After grooming it feels like a whole new way.Because it is easier and gait, posture and royal, and look confident.Therein lies the reason for the enthusiastic views.

Fall in Love you guys in gray mice and a unattractive girls?It happens, but rather as an exception.Whatever wealth or different inner world, it is also necessary to see.To increase your chances of attention of the opposite sex, it is imperative to take them.Sign up for a manicure-pedicure, make a new hairstyle, beautician.You should also work out - after all, toned body has not been canceled.After bringing myself up is necessary to examine the object of passion for his interests.

We take the initiative in their hands

So how do to a guy in love with you?Much depends on how close you are communicating with him.If absolutely unfamiliar, should take the lead.Find a suitable occasion not difficult.Modern society is much more communicative than before.The question of what time - and subsequent discussion would be the appropriate occasion to explore.The main thing in this moment - to keep confident and radiate positive vibes.


How do I get a guy in love with you?If you are a young man often meet at school, work, or within the same company, then the chances to achieve the desired increase significantly.Communicating, you need to learn more about the interests and preferences of the object of sympathy.If a guy likes sports and participate in competitions, it is necessary to maintain and try to attend events with him.If the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest - the car and the race should share his passion.During the communication need to be as many positive emotions - like all gay people.But do not forget: you're a girl, not a comedian.Total should be in moderation.

good way to arouse a guy romantic feelings are extreme joint exercises.They say the research, the man at the time of production of adrenaline is able to perceive the girl next door, beloved.So that's how guys fall in love with girls.If a young man loves outdoor activities, you can invite him to jump from a high support from the insurance.You can choose a place with a romantic view.Then, in addition to extreme sensations also lucky to enjoy the stunning panorama.After the jump is something to remember and something to talk about at the next meeting.That is, the joint will be much more.

behavior - an important element

Particular attention should be paid to their behavior during the visits.When communicating with a better guy to stop babbling, common to many the fair sex.At these moments, it is desirable to hear any more of it.Firstly, such an approach will help to know more useful information about the person that give a distinct advantage in further dialogue.Secondly, men love it when their interlocutor attentively listens and does not ask many questions.Ask, and you need to clarify what is really important for a girl in a very correct manner, so as not to offend or hurt any particular order.


How do I get a guy in love with you?You can recommend the art of flirting.Veiled conversation with hints, languid eyes, flirty flexing lock of hair - all these tricks work well in the right hands.First of all, you need to be aware of their uniqueness.It gives confidence and makes an attractive girl in the eyes of others, including, of course, there is also a guy dreams.Flirt is necessary not only to win the sympathy of the object, but also for the construction of future relations.


A proven method of how to make a guy in love with you, he is the care and affection.Of course, we are talking about a time when there are at least some relationship.Lasky is never too much, sitting side by side, often try to bestow his opponent gentle touches.It should be Man often praise for his achievements, sensitivity, attentiveness, courage.Always have something to praise.For example, for the fact that he came to the meeting on time, but still patiently waiting for your appearance.It seems to be a trifle, and it is in order.However, it should say so out loud, as if the man inspires.He wants to continue to surprise and indulge you.Is not that the way to happiness?

At the organization meeting is not necessary to discard the option dinner at home in favor of the restaurant.After all, on its territory the girl's much easier to show what she is an excellent hostess.All men will sooner or later want comfort and a delicious meal prepared his lover.So be creative in cooking and feeding.

How to understand that feels like?

When the stage of conquest passed, before the girl raises the question of how to understand that much in love with the guy.In addition to explicit recognition there are many ways to determine whether the desired come true, whether the arrow of Cupid penetrated the heart.Moreover, there are men who talk openly about their feelings and intentions.But there is a closed individual, who prefer to simmer until the last or do not consider it necessary to talk about love.As the saying goes, no man is business.In that declaration of love on the part of Man is not, and can not be women's fault.It depends mainly on education and family traditions.


However, there are signs of unspoken love.

  • All kinds of courtesies - private treatment, interested gaze, compliments, all kinds of gifts.These are standard ways to show sympathy.If a guy is trying to help (to drive a car, to help convey the severity and so on. D.), It is the presence of other signs clearly is evidence of increased interest.
  • Constant attempts to establish contact. It may be calls, SMS, e-mails, from which clearly shows that the man is trying to find and support the common themes, interests and so on.
  • How do you know that the guy fell in love? He devotes time girl.If between the evening with friends and a date with the beloved man chooses the second option, it means that he is in love.Sometimes it happens that a young man, on the contrary, begins to behave chaotically when a girl.It is also a sign that it is not indifferent to him.
  • Sacrificing personal interests, frequent concessions initiative.
  • smoothing conflicts on the initiative of a Man. There are, of course, principled person who loves to stand on his own, however, and they are soft period love.

most probably the best way, how do you know that the guy fell in love, is its spiritual sight.It is impossible not to notice, as well as the other signs of attention.Women's intuition is always with precision determines whether a man is interested and how much, or not at all.Love and be loved, it is in this state, the most beautiful people!