The list of banks and their services Kazan: choose the best

hard not to agree that the commodity-money relations have in our lives is not the last place.It is to have a roof over your head, use the car and different home appliances, we use the only means to obtain them - money.When the purchase of the goods are not enough - we go to the bank.At the same time we are trying to save money, and to do that again, use the services of the aforementioned institution.

Thus in every town and village office can be found not just one, but several banks.Take, for example, the famous and big city of Kazan.Hospitable its streets sheltered by a plurality of branches of credit institutions of Russia.

eradicated and affiliated institutions

list of banks Kazan includes more than 80 institutions.Some of them are in the city of the head office.It was in this village got the birth of such banks as "Aqeedah", "Alfa Bank Kazan", "district", "Idel" and many others.For the healthy functioning of the lending institution to each of this type is issued a license that can be revoked by the government authorities for non-compliance.Such a fate touched the bank "Reef", "TatOneksimBank", "Tatpromstroybank" and others.Just a long list of banks Kazan, who were attached to other organizations.Typically, in such cases, the major financial giants "adopts" smaller establishments.This is what happened with the banks "IC" and "Tatinfrabank."First he joined the Volga-Kama financial institutions.The second found its place among the branches of "Ak Bars".

Local banks and members of the CER

Despite the "incapacitated", the list of banks Kazan still contains the names of indigenous "longevity."These include financial and credit institutions, as "mortgage-invest", "Kara-Altyn", "Network Clearing House" (until March 2006, it was known as the "Credit-Kazan") and many others.

Banking in Russia is governed by different sets of rules and mechanisms.For a more efficient organization of operations of financial institutions are created by various associations.One of them is the deposit insurance system (DIS).She gathered under his "wing" a huge number of institutions, which include banks and Kazan.The list of institutions includes financial and credit institutions "AK Bars", "Vanguard", "Avers", "Bashkomsnabbank", "Bogorodsky" and many others.

agent bank

is now impossible to imagine without a purse in it a plastic card.The easiest way to service a given means of payment is a branch of the bank that issued it.However, there are other options.Thus, in the absence of a branch of the institution may be required to seek help from other institutions.At the same time, this institution must have the right to service cards issued by other organizations.Such financial lending institutions called banks-agents.Notably, they can perform additional functions.In particular, act as a guarantor to protect the interests of a syndicate of international character issues or lending of securities.The list of banks Kazan has a presence in these institutions, "Absolut Bank", "Ak Bars", "Alfa-Bank" and others.

huge number of services are both private and public organizations.Deposits, loans, insurance services, transfer funds, purchase / sale of securities operations on the payment of dividends, and many others.A variety of conditions and schemes of payments loans and savings accounts makes data services of financial institutions increasingly popular.Consultation on issues of interest can be obtained as in the institution, and without leaving your chair.Phones banks of Kazan are publicly available in phone books and online iternete.