The average salary in Germany - a statistic that makes us think about peerezde

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Many people are interested in the question about what the average salary in Germany.And especially those who wish to go there to live.After all, Germany - is the most developed European countries.And it is logical to assume that the salary there is also great.

welfare of the country - a reflection of people's lives

Sometimes talking about numbers.Especially interesting to look at the comparative table of salaries, although often after that remains a bad feeling - after all in Europe, people get a lot more than in Russia.In the United States, of course, indicators slightly higher - by 15%, but this percentage of all European countries.Excluding the eastern states, it turns out that the opposite is true.Namely, that wages in Europe is higher by as much as 23% than in the US.According to statistics, the highest figure could be observed in 2011, the year - while the normal average Briton received about 3 200 euros per month.If you translate that amount into rubles at the current rate, it will be about 212 000. In such an ordinary Russian is hard to believe - to recall what the amount is equal to the rate of the teacher of the first category (about 4000 rubles).

More good salaries in Europe receive Dutch nationals and, of course, Germany - around 3000 euros per month.Well, this is an excellent indicator of the level of economic development, and there is something to strive for.About how much is the average salary in Germany, is to talk about later.By the way, more good money received by workers in Switzerland, but in the rating of the country is not included because taxes is higher than in other states.

Work in Germany - a ticket to life

So, what is the minimum wage in Germany?One working hour is equal to more than 30 euros.That is to say, about two thousand rubles.It turns out (if returning to the above example), that for two and a half hours German Russian fulfills monthly salary of a teacher.Of course, the economic situation in Russia and Germany can not be compared, but think about it is.Perhaps for this reason, more and more Russians to leave their homeland and go to work in Europe.
highest paying job offered in three cities - Berlin, Frankfurt and Hamburg.Everything is logical, the first city - the capital and the second is the economic center (and not only in Germany but also in Europe), and finally, the third - largest shopping center, the port and all developed metropolis.So highly qualified specialist to find a job here will be relatively easy.The main thing - are listed in the German diploma, good language skills and "good" by the employer.


What wages in Germany - it is clear, however, for the sake of completeness I would like to cite the example is very significant statistics.It does not need to go far enough to take as an example the last year.The average salary in 2014 in Germany amounted to 28 thousand euros per year.It seems that the impressive sum - it's almost two million rubles (~ 1 900 000).However, if you remember about taxes, everything will fall into place.With this amount, the Germans give the order of 12 200 euros (a little more than 800 000 rubles).Total "clean" - approximately 1 050 000 rubles a year, that is, 86 000 per month.But even such large deductions from wages in the life of this amount is enough, and at a comfortable.

By the way, there is an excellent German saying which reads as follows: "Not macht erfinderisch".Translation of the following: "Poverty makes inventive."In fact, the Germans did not invent anything special.They began to save elementary, and on the road - for yourself.The result we can see: all at work, businesses are stable, and people are also provided.Needless to say, it's impressive.

Who profitable to work in Germany?

Many people vpoltnuyu began to study the social and economic level in Germany, sooner or later the question arises: what are the professions in demand in this country?Maybe we should go back to work?After all, if the average wage in Germany, equal to a "pure" 90 thousand per month, how much will get the real professionals?There are many questions, and some should respond.

in Germany can earn almost everyone.Explore the mountains, snowboard instructor, architect, urban planner, a bricklayer, a baker, a gunsmith, a butcher, hairdresser, electrician, glass blower, engineer, journalist, doctor, teacher, painter - all these and many other specialties are really popular.The average salary in Germany for these professionals is different, t. To. The different specialty.But in this country there are no poor people.It is appreciated all the work, but people count on a decent salary, must try.

popular, profitable and paid specialty

However, the most popular specialties are those that are associated with the sphere of information technologies.For example, a good programmer can receive about 53 million euros per year.Excellent salary and engineers - about 55 000 per year.Even welder can count on 54 thousand euros per year.Approximately the same amount receive financiers and accountants.Good pay and doctors - about 64 000 euros.The biggest salary in the medical field surgeons - more than 70 000. Less receive humanitarian workers - Journalists rate equal to 3-4 thousand a month, the same teachers receive.

But even the smallest figures may seem like a great prospect - the minimum wage in 2015, the year of 8.5 euros per hour (560 rubles).So, if you want to get a promising job, should consider the option of relocation.After all, even the average salary in Germany will suit many people in Russia.