TV Tower in Tokyo (Japan)

Japanese have wanted to build a copy of the French Eiffel Tower.As a result, in the late fifties of the twentieth century it was opened Tokyo television tower.Attraction turned above the original and is not less in demand with tourists.

story building

Tower was built not only to be an analog of the French sights, but also to meet the need for public service broadcasting.And that capital has been overrun with the number of towers with antennas, the Japanese government decided to build only one, but quite powerful.So there was Tokyo Tower (pictured below).

worth noting that it was initially planned that the height of the tower exceeded the New York Empire State Building.But the goal was not achieved banal due to lack of funds.Therefore, it was decided that the height should be just as possible for quality broadcasting within a radius of one hundred and fifty kilometers.

tower design developed engineering company Nikken Secco and chief architect Tatyu find.Thanks to them, television and radio tower turned resistant to severe earthquakes and typhoons.Efforts to erect the tower a few hundred Japanese builders.

Inauguration of the Tokyo Tower was in December 1958.

characteristics and interesting facts

Tokyo Tower:

  1. height - three hundred thirty-three meters.
  2. Weight - four thousand tons.
  3. Lighting - one hundred sixty four spotlights.
  4. Color - twenty-eight thousand liters of white and orange paint.
  5. material used for the construction of the tower - high-strength steel, some of which - is remelted American tanks.

Interesting facts:

  1. Every five years, the Tokyo Tower is subjected to restoration and repainting.
  2. Until 1987, the illumination has been much more modest.Upgrading the lighting system management decided to attract more tourists.
  3. At various times, the tower is illuminated in different ways: from July to October - white, from October to July - Orange.At some festivals, events and activities may be another color.For example, during the premiere of the movie "The Matrix" tower lights in green, as well as on the fiftieth anniversary of Japanese-Irish relations, and month each year to the National Breast Cancer Prevention (October 1) - pink.
  4. to transfer any images on the tower during promotions used window viewing platform (the observatory).
  5. Although Tokyo television tower was built over half a century ago, it is still considered a modern attraction.
  6. colors for painting the tower was chosen to ensure aviation security.


Tokyo Tower Tokyo Tower (Japan) - it is a huge tourist and entertainment complex in the walls of which are concentrated:

  • tourist area;
  • area of ​​broadcasting;
  • viewing platforms.

At all levels there are small cafes and coffee shops, recreation, racks of leaflets.A souvenir shop is available as figurines towers of different sizes and composition (plastic, glass, iron), as well as items with the image of the TV tower (eg, T-shirts, paintings and posters, cups and other utensils, magnets, key rings, etc.).

Tourist Area

Tourist Area - these are the first four floors of the television tower, which are:

  1. Ground floor: main entrance, an aquarium with more than eight hundred species of fish, a large restaurant, which can accommodate up to four hundred peoplethree elevators.
  2. second floor shops and restaurants.
  3. Third floor: a museum of wax figures and the Guinness Book of Records, the holographic exhibition.
  4. Fourth floor: a free exhibition of achievements in the field of electronics and communications engineering from the companies "Fuji-terebi" and "Thurso" known exhibition of optical illusions, but still there is a museum of the history of Tokyo Tower (here represented by different Photofacts layouts terrain, historicalreference, etc.).
  5. Roof: situated park with a small amount of simple children's attractions.

Also on the tourist zone you can find the two mascots of the tower - a humanoid in blue and red overalls.Their height is two meters twenty-three centimeters.

total number of stores in the TV tower more than a few hundred.

Zone broadcasting

on floor, closed to tourists and visitors are located:

  • television and radio studios;
  • antenna eight television stations;
  • cameras that monitor the major highways of the capital;
  • scientific equipment (such as seismographs, anemometers, and so on).

With the transition of Japanese television in 2011 on the digital format of the broadcast was moved to the new TV tower "tree of heaven", as the height of the old are not allowed to carry out high quality broadcast channels and the height of new - six hundred thirty-four meters.And the antenna of the station, who remained had increased by twenty meters - from eighty to one hundred.

Viewpoints (Observatory)

only two viewing platforms:

  • at a height of one hundred and fifty meters: lower observation deck;
  • at an altitude of two hundred and fifty meters: the upper observation deck.

lower - storey.On the first floor are located: a stage for live music performances, the club, and a small cafe.There are two zones with a viewing window in the floor.On the second floor are the point of sale of souvenirs and Shinto shrine.The total area of ​​the lower observation deck - forty-seven square one hundred and meters.

top platform is fully glazed.Both sites are equipped with special terminals, their display may be considered closer each building and learn about it more interesting details (eg, the height of what is inside, and so on).Also, the monitor has the ability to view a video of how the city has changed over the past day and a map from the satellite.

And from the bottom and from the top of the observatory offers a panoramic view of the capital, and on a clear day you can even see Mount Fuji and Tokyo Bay.

How to get there?

television tower Address: 4, Sibakoen, Minato, Tokyo 105-0011.

Tokyo Tower (Japan) is located near metro stations Onarion (Onarimon) and Akabanebasi (Akabanebashi).The first is located in the Mita subway line, the second - Oedo.

can also get there from the railway station Yamanote - Hamamatsu.The tower is a fifteen minute walk from the bus stop.

hours and admission

Hours tower for visitors - from 9:00 to 23:00, but you can enter up to 22:30.To get to the Tower can be on any day.


  • 900 yen ($ 7, 380 rubles) - visit our main observatory (observation deck);
  • 1600 yen ($ 12, 675 rubles) - a visit to two viewing platforms.

Tickets can be purchased in one of the offices, located at the entrance on the ground floor.Waiting time is rarely more than ten - fifteen minutes.

To date, the number of people who visited the Tokyo television tower in its history, more than one hundred and fifty million.During this time there was even a belief that if the lovers will admire the tower at a time when the night illumination is turned off (at midnight), they will live happily ever after.