How to choose a smartphone with a large capacity battery

Technology development is on the planet by leaps and bounds.Computers, laptops and smart phones added performance every few months.Every year, high-end electronics manufacturing companies in the world exhibitions present their flagship devices that have a transcendental characteristics, compared to previous models.Increase the number of megahertz processors, the number of megabytes of memory, an increasing number of milliamps in batteries.Smartphone with a large capacity battery - not fancy, but a necessity.

What is the battery

battery is equipped with all mobile devices.It provides autonomous operation of the gadget.The battery is a set of metallic plates, flasks filled with acid.As a result of chemical reactions, the battery is able to retain and produce electrical impulses.Typically, the power source device serves a separate unit in the structure and may take up to 30-40% of the total.Smartphones with high capacity battery uses lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries.Manufacturers recommend not to discharge such energy sources in the "zero", because of their high probability of failure.Moreover, lithium-polymer batteries is also flammable, do not tolerate overcharging and need careful treatment.Buying a smartphone with a large capacity battery, ask what kind of battery is installed in it, deal with the requirements for operation of the device.

How to understand the battery capacity

I'm sure many users of smart phones and tablet computers to remove the back cover of your device, and studied the inside.Certainly, everyone can see on the battery are a number of signs and symbols.They all mean something, but for us now are important numbers with the caption «mAh» and «V».It is an abbreviation of the words "milliamp / hour" and "V".These indicators are responsible for the battery capacity and voltage therein.Modern smart phones on the market technology, equipped with a battery capacity of 2000-2500 mAh.

biggest smartphone battery capacity is about 6000 mAh.What does this figure?The battery can supply a current of a certain strength, stress at 6000 milliamps for one hour, the voltage or current of 600 mA for 10 hours.Depending on the number and "engorgement" energy consumer battery will last from a few hours to several days.

devices with large batteries

modern pace of life requires us to constantly stay in touch.Whether it's working moments or urgent family affairs - all of which require urgent solutions as soon as possible.To be constantly online, you need a communication device with a long battery life that will not fail at the crucial moment.Manufacturers of well-known brands in the majority do not produce smart phones with large capacity battery.

To increase the autonomy necessary to buy a special enhanced battery or access to the middle market segment, which shows the device models with high-capacity battery.So, the Chinese brand "Lenovo" and "Hayskrin" offer consumers a model with 4000 mAh and 6000 mAh batteries respectively.This figure should satisfy most customer requirements.Simply put, if you do not get involved in watching videos in HD-quality, the smartphone will run 2-3 days without charge.In addition, in an emergency, you can always switch mode power consumption of the battery and squeeze a few more hours, sacrificing the brightness of the display by turning off processor cores or Wi-Fi-connection.

Screen - the main consumer of energy

installed on your phone and utility programs can show some of the processes in the device is the "gluttonous", what percentage of battery power left.The analysis will be carried out using a device such as a smartphone with a large capacity battery Fly.The system settings are launching "Power" and witnessing the fall schedule of the charge level.At the bottom, below the graph is a list of the major consumers.In our case - the screen.This is not surprising.Every time you unlock your smartphone to read a message, call, play toy, and the screen is switched on.Any activity is accompanied by turning the device screen.

There are some characteristics of the matrix screen that affect the performance and battery life.This is primarily a type of matrix.There LCD-, IPS-, AMOLED-screens.They differ in brightness, color depth, and, of course, the volume of electricity consumption.In addition, a significant parameter - the screen resolution is indicated by two figures (the number of pixels in width and height, for example, 800x480).The higher the resolution, the clearer the picture is, the more intense the processor runs, the more battery consumption.

number of SIM cards and processor cores

even a smartphone with a large capacity battery is unable to cope with the voracious filling in the form of a bright 5-inch screen, powerful processor and multi-core two radio modules for two SIM cards."Dvuhsimochny" phones and smartphones have appeared on the market just a few years ago, but has already gained popularity among consumers.This is a very convenient option for the communication device.Both rooms are located in the same device, connected and disconnected as needed.And with two phones is not very comfortable to be worn.But there is one thing: a phone with two SIM cards more voracious in terms of battery life than its counterpart odnosimochny.Radios twice as likely to turn to the towers with antennas of the network, thereby increasing power consumption.

Regarding the cores, then there are some secrets.Smart devices have learned to turn off unused cores, in order to reduce energy costs.But when you run multiple applications processor is included in full force and "the hammer" at the maximum.In such cases, you must check the startup programs, and a list of startup applications.Unnecessary programs safely removed from the startup, so reducing the load on the CPU and battery.

Battery Calibration

purchasing a new smartphone with a large capacity battery 2014 release or b / y gadget, you can calibrate the battery in order to clarify its real capacity at the moment.Calibration is performed using software packages that are installed by default in the operating system.Such a procedure will help the owner to find out how long its battery more work, a capacitance value of the battery, is there a "dead zone" in the power supply.


buying a smartphone with a large capacity battery 2013, 2014 or even 2015 release, always inspect the battery carefully and learn its characteristics.To stay in touch, online, smartphone needs a strong power supply.Smartphone with a large capacity battery can operate autonomously for longer than its counterparts.