Healing Hands Reiki

Reiki - an ancient system of healing using the power of hands, came to us from Tibet.Later, she found ubiquitous in India, China, Japan, Egypt, ancient Greece and Rome.Reiki was available just dedicated and maintained in strict confidence.This ancient knowledge with time was almost lost.It was reopened only in the late XIX century in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui.

Benefits of Reiki are enormous.It helps in the healing of physical, mental and spiritual diseases.It also removes the physical and emotional stress, bringing total relaxation.

Reiki cleanses the body of accumulated toxins and helps get rid of bad habits and addictions.It reinforces the existing human creativity and energy, improves memory and creates a positive attitude.It also helps a person to overcome the anger and fear and live in peace and harmony with others.In addition, it helps in the treatment of diseases such as insomnia, weight gain, lethargy, fatigue, headache, and strengthens a person's faith in itself.

Some practitioners of Reiki can only use dedicated, but many are available to everyone.One such useful exercises - meditation gassho, which balances the internal energy of the person.This meditation should be practiced for 20-30 minutes after waking up or in the evening before you go to sleep.

Sit with your eyes closed and his hands clasped together in front of chest.You can sit on a chair with a high back.Focus all its internal account at the point where the two middle fingers in contact.Slowly breathe in through your nose.

Try to forget about everything else.Relax as much as you are able to relax.Then go back to the point where your middle fingers touch.If you experience pain because twenty minutes keep your hands clasped together in front of chest, then slowly let his hands fall (continuing to hold them together) to its knees in a comfortable position for you and continue to meditate.If you need to change the sitting position, then move very slowly and deliberately.

After meditation you will feel refreshed and full of energy, heavy thoughts go and mood will improve.

On materials "Quick Guide to Reiki" SV Kulikov.