How to shave their private parts: the subtleties of the process

If you do not know how to shave their private parts, then at the first attempt to get rid of excess vegetation can accidentally injure themselves.

Terms shaving

Many remove excess hair in the bikini area, or for reasons of hygiene or preparing for a summer holiday on the beach.There are girls who prefer natural, so do not shave their pubic hair.But even they should know about the rules of hair removal in the intimate place since shave at least a few times in your life have exactly, for example, prior to delivery.And in this case it is very important not to hurt themselves, because any open wound, even a little - this is an open door for any infections.

So the two main rules for those who wish to know how to shave their private parts.

  • razor should be very acute, because once and for all renounce the use of single-use tools.It's best to buy a special razor for women.
  • It is important that the item you are removing vegetation in pubic, moving always in the same direction - for hair growth.Otherwise, you are guaranteed irritation and "residual effects" in the form of ingrown hairs.

cheaply and painlessly

How to shave intimate place properly?First of all, that when the regular removal of hair from the bikini to protect yourself from infections and other troubles, is very important daily hygiene.If frequent shaving irritates your delicate skin, should stop fighting with nature and cease to perform the procedure every day.

How to shave intimate place in this case?Choose for yourself the necessary quantity of sessions per week.Note that it is important not to wait for the moment when a bristle, which also is pricked.Be sure to use shaving gels or oils - they will help reduce the effects of hair removal.Choose funds for sensitive skin.If you are allergic to different kinds of foam, look for itself such that it is based was soap.

However, if you are in the process of shaving irritates all, try waxing or elekroepilyatsiyu that forever will save you from unnecessary vegetation.But the disadvantage of these procedures is that you have to endure the pain in the process.Of course, there are other methods of hair removal, relieves women from all sorts of discomfort, such as epilation.However, this procedure distinguishes one feature that does not allow to make it publicly available - the high price.


Many wonder: "Is it harmful to shave intimate place?" Specialists are responsible, that the procedure does not hurt if it prodelyvat competently.To make the process of shaving as such, just remember the sequence of your actions.

first step is to remove the excess length with scissors (tools also come in handy when you want to get rid of the vegetation in the area of ​​deep bikini).Then, take a bath to steam the skin.Before the procedure, rinse with cool water and apply an intimate place it foam.But we should not immediately rush into battle.Wait a couple of minutes to remedy has had time to act, and then proceed.

Ideally for cleaning every area equal to the width of the machine, you need to spend on it razor only twice.Find a comfortable position for you, be sure to use a mirror if you can not otherwise control the process.After shaving, clean up and use the tools that moisturize the skin.If you cut yourself, gently apply on wounds, hydrogen peroxide.

If you want to know how the guys shave intimate place to advise its second half, keep in mind that this process is, in fact, not much different from the "female" procedure.Rules are the same, but due to the anatomical features of the razor men to do much more "maneuvers".