Error "404 File not found": the causes and solutions

Probably not in the world a man who would be traveling across the expanses of the Internet, did not get to a page containing messages like «File not found» or something like that.Let's see what the bug is, why it occurs and how to fight it.

What is the error message "404 File not found»?

First of all, we must understand that this type of error refers specifically to surf the Internet.The simplest explanation we can assume that the page you requested was not found.

In principle, the type of error «Could not find file» can occur in any "OSes" and in any browser.With regard to the species and their causes, they should elaborate.

Varieties bugs «File not found»

I must say that, depending on the operating system, the browser or the site of the search, the error may include different syntax.This could be, for example, a message «Error 404", "404 Error», «404 Not found», «404 File not found», «HTTP 404», «HTTP 404 Non found», «404 Page Not Found""The requested URL was not found on the server", etc.

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As you can see, the options are many, but they all boil down to one: the browser can not display the page, presumably located at the specified URL-address.Why is that?Now we are in it and face it.

causes of errors

So, we have the on-screen Internet browser message about the unavailability of any web resource - «File not found».The reasons can be as much as necessary.

First of all, why it is considered an error 404 is a pure client and associated with the wrong syntax of the query.In other words, URL-address (http: // www. And something more) has been entered in the address bar with errors.What to do?Simply check the spelling of addresses.

Sometimes this error may occur during the download site if you disable connection (Internet access).It is clear that you need to check the connection, or restore it to, say, restart the computer terminal or a router.It will not help - you need to contact your provider and find out the cause of the lack of access to the network.

In some cases, the error «File not found» may be due to the fact that the requested site is no longer present on the server.In other words, he was "moved", but with access to the old address redirects to a new web resource is not happening.What should I do in this case?Use any search engine and find it again (the new address).

How to fix the error using the browser settings and the network connection

addition to the above quick ways to remedy the situation, you can use the usual update the page (F5).Who knows, maybe, for some reason, the browser has not received a response time of the server.

However, a universal method of correcting errors of this type (if not to take into account the possibility that the requested page is not really on the server), may be clearing the cache files and cookies.

in different browsers access to the functions carried out in different ways, but the essence remains the same.

More complicated is the situation where, for example, on a computer terminal or a notebook page is loaded, followed by an error message, and the mobile gadget works just fine.

Apparently, the computer exhibited incorrect Internet connection settings.It is worth to note that if other devices have access to a resource, the problem may be related to the DNS-servers.To remedy this situation, it is best to contact the provider support team and find out the right values, which then need to register in the appropriate fields settings of DNS-servers.

If the same error is repeated again and again, this may indicate a malfunction of the server where the page is located, and possibly blocking content on the site.However, in this case, a warning should be issued by any anti-virus or from the Windows security as a firewall.Sometimes the firewall can not issue a warning, so you should check the list of exceptions and brendmaueere, and in your browser.But such a situation - very rare.