modern internet browsers and systems to connect to the World Wide Web, although it is high-tech developments, however often you visit any Web resource, as well as work on the local network may receive an error message ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT.What should I do in this case?Let's try to briefly review the methodology to eliminate this problem.


First, consider what it is all about.If you approach to the translation of the term from the English word for word, that is, roughly speaking, this can be interpreted as an interruption of the connection due to a timeout.Expectations for what, you ask?

fact that at the entrance to any page on the Internet or by contacting your local computer terminal connected, say, to a home or corporate network, a request is sent to the server.When a response is received or downloaded Web page or accessed by a remote computer.The nature of this type of access is that it is given a certain period of time allotted for a response to the request.If this time is exceeded, the system and informs the user that the connection is interrupted and displays a notification ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT.What to do and how to get rid of this situation, we now understand, simultaneously considered the main reasons for its occurrence.

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Why is there an error message?

First of all, you need to clearly differentiate between the types of errors.There are two interpretations of messages.The first position, as described above, is like a general (standard), but there is another point that is associated with the appearance of an error net :: ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT.Here you can also say that the error is related to the violation of the network connection.And this is equally true of local networks and Internet connections.

often the cause of such errors may become unstable bond, as constant interruptions make it impossible to get a package of response data in full.

very common situation with games online, using the multiplayer mode.It is clear, in fact, that at sufficiently high popularity of games and a huge number of players currently connected to the game server, the latter may simply not withstand such a large number of simultaneous requests.This is somewhat reminiscent of the situation with known DDoS-attacks as a violation of the server triggered by too many simultaneous requests.

Sometimes the appearance of this error may be related to the operation of the built-in anti-virus software or firewall (firewall) Windows Firewall.These security features may mistakenly identify data website as potentially unwanted or harmful content, but in fact it is, and as such is not.

In some cases the error may be due to incorrect proxy server settings in the system or attempts anonymous access to the Web through online proxy servers in order to hide their true IP-address.For all these situations, the solution is.Let us consider each of them.


ate error occurs when you try to access the web site, the easiest way to get rid of this is the re-entry after a certain period of time.

way, quite often, these errors appear in the browser Google Chrome.In general, it is best to restart the computer system along with all the types of routers ADSL-modem or Wi-Fi-routers.Note that after disabling desirable to sustain at least a 10-second pause to reset the router.

In the case of games or the blocking of contents Windows Security or antivirus software is necessary to make the list of exceptions (allowed sites) resource of the game or the site that is supposed to work.

As for proxies, as a rule, they are the main settings are used.In this case, the network connection using the Network Setup, you need to remove the check mark from the line "Use a proxy server".When this occurs with the connection to the LAN, you can use the parameter "Do not use proxy server for local addresses."If the proxy is still in use, you need to contact the provider and get your personal settings correct.

Modifying Hosts

But there are times when even if you use the above methods will still get a message that an error has occurred ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT.What should I do in this situation?Use the edit system file Hosts.

To rummage in the file manager in his quest, you simply need to register a line notepad% windir% \ system32 \ drivers \ etc \ hosts in the menu "Run".After opening the file, you can see that somewhere there is a bottom entry ":: 1 localhostĀ».As standard, it must be the last.If after this line there is something else, it all just need to remove and save the changes when you exit.Now you just restart the computer terminal, and the problem will disappear.Note: In some cases, if the problem is related to "lokalke" may require a reboot of the server through which the connection.


Here, actually, and all that relates to connectivity issues and situations, when an error occurs ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT.As you can see, nothing wrong with that, and how to fix these seemingly unpleasant situations are simple enough.Just sometimes you need to pay attention to each case, to find out the root cause and apply a particular decision.