Co-sleeping mother and baby: pros and cons

There comes a time, and many young mothers (especially if they are restless and noisy children) raises the question - whether to take the baby to bed with him, whether to sleep with him or leave him to sleep in his own bed?

What are the pros and cons of co-sleeping mother and child?We offer you expert opinion.

before the official considered that in any case it is impossible to teach a child to sleep with his mother - for reasons of hygiene, psychology and security.This was repeated all the experts - from doctors to teachers.

Today, however, the approach to this problem is not as simple.After numerous recent studies (including - psychologists and anthropologists), and based on the experiences of parents, successfully practice co-sleeping with children, the official science has changed its mind.Now it is believed that co-sleeping with her mother can be one of the basic physiological and emotional needs of the newborn.

But we should not go to extremes - the child should still have your crib and eventually get used to sleep separately, and at first - to choose where and how he likes to sleep.Now consider the pros and cons of co-sleeping mother and child.

Pros co-sleeping mother and child:

1. Newborn during pregnancy used to be with her mother - it affects their sense of security and peace of mind in the first place.Sensitively sleeping infants checked whether the next mother, and if she is far away, begin to call for help and crying, then they can be difficult to calm.

2. In addition to the psychological aspect, there is also shared with his mother biorhythm life of a newborn.Cosleeping teaches the mother to the biorhythm of the child when his sleep less strong, and sleep becomes chutche mother - she is ready to feed or soothe your baby, if he wakes up.In this phase of deep sleep, and my mother, too, the same crumbs.As a result, the baby and the mother, and all-around enough sleep better.

3. Increase the amount of milk.The fact that the hormone responsible for milk production in nursing mothers, is produced mainly at night and in the early morning hours, but only if the baby during the night regularly applied to the chest.When the mother and child sleeping together, it can even feed him in a dream.

If a child sleeps alone, then there are two possibilities.Or mothers often have to get up and feed him - then it does not get enough sleep, and the amount of milk may decrease.Either she rarely breastfeed at night, and then the amount of milk also decreases.For moms who work or study during the day, sleeping together - a good way to keep breast milk.

Cons co-sleeping mother and child:

1. unhygienic sleep in the same bed with a child, especially if the sheets are changed regularly, or in hot weather.It is better not to take the child to bed without consultation with a dermatologist, if one parent has a skin disease.The kid can not sleep with their parents, if one of them is sick or viral infectious skin diseases, including influenza and herpes.

2. It is dangerous for the child - the age-old fear of many mothers "overlay" baby.Today, however, it is believed that the mother is very sensitive to the state of the child and to any change in his breathing, and wakes up immediately when something is wrong.Statistics of different countries also claims that the infant mortality rate does not depend on co-sleeping.However, those who are still very afraid of the "overlay" of the child, it is better to refrain from doing so.

3. Force of habit - it is believed that accustomed to sleep with his mother after the baby is very difficult to wean from it.Basically, in a year or two, when it erupted teeth, the child begins to sleep better and easier to move to their own territory.True, he may ask the parent bed when sick, when he dreams of bad dreams, if he had not seen his mother for a long time or during the crisis three years.

However, in order to make it easier to teach your baby to sleep in his bed, he should understand that he has it and sleep in it at least occasionally from infancy.To make this easier, you can put a cot close to the parent, remove the side wall, to align the levels of bed and put the baby to sleep during the day or night in his bed.

does not matter if you are still not able to organize a joint dream of mother and child, it is just necessary to make sure that the crumbs was not lacking in tactile contact with his mother more than to play with it (such as "finger games"), iron,kiss and be on hand (including, and with the help of the sling).

However, even the mothers who refused to co-sleep with your baby need to take it to bed when he gets sick, when he is teething, or if you suddenly decrease the amount of milk, and often need to feed your baby breast.