Marketing Plan

marketing on industrial enterprise covers issues that are related to market research, marketing planning, the introduction of new products, finished goods distribution, marketing communications, pricing of products, as well as the organization, management and control of all of the funktsiy.Odnim of the main issues is the marketingdrawing up a marketing plan, which allows you to coordinate all the activities of production in order to optimize and improve economic returns - this is the essence and the need to implement such plana.Marketingovy plan includes the following steps:

- analysis of the situation;

- setting goals and objectives of marketing;

- development strategy;

- develop an action plan;

- definition of the control points;

Let podrobnee.Snachala every step necessary to analyze the situation.What's he like?As a rule, you must first set out the current marketing situation.Developer Plan describes the current state of industrial enterprises in the goods market.The main thing at this stage - to be objective.This section includes not only information about the product of an industrial enterprise, but also about competitors, their position, their product, and also describes the most important trends affecting the players on rynke.Dalee should conduct SWOT-analysis, in which you need to consider the strengths and weaknessesthe product side as well as the external opportunities and threats.Then, when analyzing the situation it is necessary to touch the main challenges of production of industrial enterprise.We describe here all product-related: what problems industrial company has set itself in the production, can he have problems in this regard and t.p.Vtoroy an important element of the marketing plan is called "Goals and objectives of marketing."It is obvious that they are interlinked, as the problem - a continuation of the goals.Typically, the goal is something generic, not very specific, for example, an increase in market share at a certain percentage.But the problem, on the contrary, should be as specific as possible: it should make the manufacturing plant to the market share vyrosla.Marketingovy plan includes a variety of strategies, which is the third stage of his.This is a very important point, which largely determines the success or failure of the product in the future.There are also present its steps:

- need to define your target market;

- conduct basic positioning;

- to develop a pricing policy;

- develop a strategy for distribution (physical distribution);

- to develop a communication strategy.After

strategy marketing plan should concretized description Action Plans (fourth stage).This paragraph - a logical continuation of the strategy developed by the species, as described here (in terms) all the actions that are going to take industrial enterprise.The action plan paints, how will be the embodiment of the strategy, when and what will be done, who will do and t.p.Lyuboy marketing plan should end point "Control".It outlines the main results that the industry should reach a certain time.It is for these figures representatives of industrial enterprises will control the current and planned targets and, if necessary, make korrektirovki.Marketing an industrial plant is not limited to the development of a marketing plan, on the contrary, after its preparation and the fun begins - its implementation, realization.

described the stages of developing a marketing plan will be applicable not only for industrial but also for any commercial entity is not engaged in the production of goods - trade, services rendered, work.