Market segmentation - an important feature for determining the competitive advantages of the product.

Market - a collection of groups of consumers whose needs are very similar.Obviously, the various group consumers are willing to buy a completely different goods and services.To meet these needs, the organization-sellers and consumers organizations seek to identify certain groups of consumers react positively on our products and oriented marketing activities on these groups.

market consists of segments that consist of user needs are different from those of other sub-groups of users.Market segment - a group of consumers, which is characterized by the same type of reaction to the proposed produkty.Dlya to engage in the promotion of quality services to the market, it is necessary to identify the different consumer groups that make up the market, and which can offer a variety of services, this process is called - segmentationmarket.

benefit from the adoption of such concepts as market segmentation, competitive advantage arises from that is it.With this product concept businessman addressed a separate part of the market.It brings a real possibility of expanding the customer base and improve profitability by specializing in specific customer.

Benefit segmentation confirm the following arguments:
1) provides real insight into how the needs of the consumer and the fact that they represent (the behavior of the markets, personality traits, etc.).
2) to provide a real understanding of competition in certain markets.
3) There is a possibility of concentration of limited resources on the most profitable directions.Today also happens to
segmentation of the investment market.The investment market is composed of several types, offers real financing of various projects.These include the market of privatized objects, direct investment and real estate market.

main segment is the market of capital investments, with capital invested in the renovation or construction, technical re-equipment of the enterprise.
Market privatized objects represents businesses that put up for auction or fully bought out the company's employees or investors.
Investment real estate market is an independent element of the investment market.It is a market of a wide range of real estate investment, which would be the most appropriate.
great importance, segmentation of the market of banking services.Usually in this case, the segments of the investment market finance are divided into the following categories: income level, geographic location, the balance sheets of various financial institutions.Segmentation is carried out to find out where:
- bank will be able to take the largest share of the market, increasing the capacity of the growing market, and improve the promotion of its services than it will make the other bank;
- bank will be able to offer new services and to test the reaction of this part of the market, with its subsequent advancement in the presence of positive feedback;
gathering information about the market justified by the following objectives: identification, forecasting and analysis of market forces, which is possible in various ways affect the bank in the period under review.

ultimate goal pursued by the segmentation of the market - is to increase the efficiency of the methods and means of advertising, raising competitiveness, price control, cost optimization and the development of marketing strategy, which will focus on maximum customer satisfaction.