Diamond Card "Letual" - more than a nice touch!

Do you think a favorite store at the modern girl ?!Well, of course, one where a huge number of not only a beautiful dress, but also a variety of aids, which enable us to remain attractive and young for many years.Naturally, it comes to beauty supply stores.In this section, any girl ready to spend most of the day, considering the fashion trends of lipsticks, shadows, inhaling the perfume of the new collections of famous perfumers of world renown.One of the most popular at the moment like a boutique "L'Etoile", where there is something that is so necessary to any of the fair sex, to feel unique.

Of course, not everyone can afford many new products from the latest collections, estimated sometimes quite a decent amount.That is why the system was invented in the discount savings cards.Map "Letual" offers a system of cumulative discounts, that is, the more purchases you make with the presentation of the plastic rectangle, the more you can save.It can not please the avid lovers of shopping!There are several options for storage cards: ruby, amethyst, sapphire and diamond card "Letual."Ruby card is issued to the buyer with the purchase in the amount of 399 rubles and provides the subsequent reduction of 10% of the purchase price, sapphire - for the purchase of 3,000 rubles, and offers a discount in 15%, Violet - with the purchase of 15,000 rubles, and the discount in thethe case will be 20%.

But Diamond card "Letual" - the most expensive and the most something "cheap" card, as it gives a 25% discount, but it is issued with the purchase in the amount of 25,000 rubles.Of course, the amount is quite impressive, and certainly makes a few one-time purchase directly on this amount.But do not worry, because each of you can get a bonus as a diamond card "Letual" in the future!The main thing - the desire to make it.

At first tell you about how to get the discount card "Letual."The first, of course - you need to make purchase a certain amount.How much cash will you have spent such a card you get.The first time the consultant will be offered to you a questionnaire which should be completed and leave the store.Now you will be available to new opportunities - warning received updates, current promotions, sales, and so on. D. With the accumulation of a discount card to cash it can change color.That is, when the accumulation on the map ruby ​​amount of three thousand rubles, you will be given a sapphire has, well, a diamond card "Letual" will be available when the sum of her cherished twenty-five thousand rubles.

There is another way to get a discount card from the "L'Etoile" - in case you already have such a card is another major cosmetic-perfume shop, for example, "Rive Gauche" or "Ile de Beauté".In this case, presenting it to you immediately issued a green card that guarantees a discount of 5%, the same card from another store is you.In the following you will also be able to collect on it your reward points and receive a prestigious coupon cards.